How much does studio time usually cost?

  Interested in hiring the recording studio? Wanna know how much does studio time usually cost? Before moving on to our main matter, we must highlight the significance of the recording studio and its role for the musicians. Nowadays, only those musicians who have quality voice and music can survive in the music industry. The number of musicians is increasing day by day that has a direct effect on the competition. If your competitor produces more efficient videos, he will probably gain all the audience and engagement. In music, multiple factors determine the response of the audience. Let’s suppose, you have uploaded a quality video, you will get maximum engagement in such a case. So, a professional system is essential for you to work on your music videos. In this article, we will highlight all the factors, cost, and importance of recording studios. How much does studio time usually cost

What is a recording studio?

Do you know what exactly a recording studio is? Most people just read the term and try to define it but that’s not true if you don’t have the idea for the recording studio. How do you record your music? Being at home, most people try to purchase some components for recording and record their music videos. This might not be a professional approach if you are not familiar with all the instruments. The recording studio is a place where you can record your music videos and produce. It consists of multiple components such as producers, engineers, and relevant others necessary to produce the music. Apart from those members, you get a lot of quality musical tools that help you find the right approach to high-quality music production.

Why do you need a recording studio?

Usually, at home, people set up their recording studio. It might include some professional tools such as DAWs, microphones, and computers working collectively to produce a music video. But, what matters is that do you know how to use these tools? Can you produce the quality of music that will help you gain the engagement? However, we can list some major advantages of recording studios that will help you through all this.
  • You get a professional approach to your music videos.
  • Several professional tools are available in the recording studio that provides you with the freedom to record your music.
  • Engineers are available for professional music mixing.
  • Complete support from the recording studio team is much more advantageous for you to produce the right music album.
  • You can get some recommendations from the team as well that will help you through your music career.

How much does studio time usually cost?

Now, we come to our main question, “How much does studio time usually cost?” Perhaps, you know about the exact cost of the recording studio. Most recording studios charge on an hourly basis. For example, you visited a recording studio and want to hire it. They will let you know about their fixed rate for one hour. It depends on your choice as to whether work with them at an hourly rate or not. If we talk about the rates for the recording, it varies from location to location and studio to studio. For example, in Manhattan, a recording studio might charge up to $175 per hour. Compared to it, you can travel one mile to reach New Jersey where the hourly rate is less. In TrackGardenStudio New Jersey, you can better get the same services and quality at the rate of up to $60 per hour. Talking about both scenarios isn’t it better to hire an affordable recording studio and provide quality? This is how recording studios charge in usual terms. So, it is better to do travel to TrackGardenStudio New Jersey, and get the desired quality and results at comparatively low rates.

Final Thoughts:

Typically, now you can answer the above question, “How much does studio time usually cost?” Experts recommend writing all your requirements, comparing it to the recording studio quality, and going for the right one. If you avail the best services, it would be better for you to promote your music effectively. Sometimes, the wrong studio can result in confusion and improper recording of music.  
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How to release an ep independently?

Are you a singer? Looking to release your album? Do you know how to release an ep independently? Musicians do multiple mistakes at the start of their careers. Those who learn from it and never repeat know how to release their music, when to release it, and what to release. Every music video doesn’t get better engagement if you are new and don’t know the exact way to promote it. Your ultimate goal is to let people know about you. For this purpose, at the start of your career, you need to choose what exactly you want to release and the date for it. Experts recommend releasing a single or an ep when you have just started producing your music videos. So, depending on all those factors, we will talk about how to release an ep independently. Directly moving to the topic, we should highlight the ep. How to release an ep independently

What is an ep?

Ep is the collection of music consisting of 20 minutes music videos. While talking about the number of tracks, we can assume 4-6 tracks for an ep. This is quite different from the album or LP. Compared to other types, you can refer it to be medium-sized music collection. However, let’s move forward to answer the question, “how to release an ep independently?”

How to release an album independently?

If you are an independent creator, you must have a step-by-step strategy to release your first music ep. However, we can have a look at several tips and steps that would help you through the method.

Create a high-quality video:

If you have a good setup like that of professional recording studios, you can create high-quality videos. The video’s quality is something that the viewers focus on. If the video quality is low, probably you will not get the expected engagement and even lose the fans. So, the first step is to create music videos that are of high quality.

Set the release date:

Release date is another important factor while releasing your first ep. As you know, if people are busy with their job, no one is going to listen to music. People try to listen to music whenever they are free and want to get some entertainment. If a music video is great enough to impress them, you have higher chances of making permanent followers. Moreover, before taking any steps, you have to choose the release date. For this process, it is better to choose a suitable day.

Create merchandise for fanbase:

This is quite essential to make your fans go crazy for your upcoming music videos. Fans always love to get hats, T-shirts, and other interesting things that would help them as a part of their memory. Having merchandise for your fans is always a great step to get some crazy followers. For this purpose, you have to order the companies to make the shirts or other things for you. As it can consume time, you have to order earlier than your music release. So, do that before going for your ep release.

Do pre-release promotions:

Promotions are always part of the music videos. As singers need to get some fans and grab their attention, promotion can help them in this case. Before releasing the ep, you have to let people know about your ep. If they know the release date, they will wait for it. This method will increase their appetite for your music and increase your chances of getting engagement. This method is integral for the beginners to get the ultimate recognition among the people.

Review the ep results:

If you have previously released the ep, this step might be more helpful. You can have a look at the results of your ep and case study how was your performance and experience with that. Covering the mistakes in the upcoming ep release and making new strategies will help you get the expected results.

Final Thoughts:

Have you reviewed the whole article completing the answer to your question, “how to release an ep independently?” Begin a musician, you might know the exact steps and want some tips. All the above-discussed tips would help you get through the exact process to get your ep released. Moreover, you can list some of your favorite techniques and implement them.
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Should I get my music professionally mixed?

Should I get my music professionally mixed? The same question comes to mind when I want to do mixing my music tracks. Among the musicians, there is high competition. No one wants to get out of the race while creating a music video. Technology has provided us with several opportunities to record our music, mix it, and release it either as a single or album. If you offer quality in your music and exert efforts, it will help you gain a reputation quickly among music lovers. Have you seen singers? If we talk about Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber, what do you think about them? Have you ever noticed their music videos? If yes, you might get to the point I want you to know. They have background music more effective than their own voice. In this article, we will discuss numerous aspects of music mixing and answer the question,” Should I get my music professionally mixed?” Should I get my music professionally mixed

What is music mixing?

What do you do after recording the music video? Before talking about the mixing, we should highlight parts of the music release. Here are some of the major components of a music video.
  • Voice of the singer
  • Background tracks
Whatever the singer sings is considered the voice of the singer. You can call it the voice of the singer. Once you have recorded the voice, the next step comes to adding the background tracks. What steps do you take during this step? Adding the tracks to the music videos is called music mixing. If the track is added properly with complete synchronization at every point, you can produce a quality video. It will engage more people and let them know about your talent.

Who do you hire for music mixing?

Music mixing is as important as the voice of the singers. Ineffectively added background music can decrease the charm of the song and make it flop in most cases. There are two cases available to you for music mixing.
  • Mix the music on your own.
  • Hire the professionals
If you are a singer, maybe you know about music mixing. It is not a straightforward task for most people. If you want to mix the music, you must know every step to do that. In some cases, either you don’t know how to do it or don’t have time to do that, you can hire professionals. Here are some reasons on, “Should I get my music professionally mixed?”

Why should I get my music professionally mixed?

To help you get the idea, I have listed some of the major benefits of professional music mixing.

Professionals know how to do that:

As we all know, a professional is an expert at his job. He has diverse experience in that field and knows how to follow step-by-step instructions. In the case of music mixing, there are multiple skills needed such as software usage, synchronization, and track type. Depending on all these factors, the job becomes very difficult for beginners compared to professionals. However, professionals have done many jobs and know-how to choose the right music, mix it properly, and provide you with excellent service. Listen Carefully to your instructions: People want something spicy in the music to which they listen and enjoy. Singers have an idea of types of music and tone regarding it. Sometimes, you want to implement those ideas and get the best of your music videos. In such a case, professionals listen carefully to the requirements and provide suggestions on whether to implement them or not. Moreover, if you insist on the application of your ideas, they try to provide you with the best mixing services.

Expert at mixing jobs:

Professionals usually ask the basic questions, understand the requirements, and implement them to get the desired results. In case, if you offer the music mixing task to beginners, they don’t know how exactly they should do it. Moreover, they hesitate and ask many questions as well. So, a professional has done multiple tasks and knows how to fulfill your needs. professional music mixing

Final Thoughts:

Have you got an answer to your question, “Should I get my music professionally mixed?” If you are still confused about your decision, you can define your specific parameters and find the right music engineers. With the professional approach, you can easily understand whether the music engineer is an expert or not. However, at Track Garden Studio, you can hire professional music mixing engineers that offer you remote mixing as well.
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How can I naturally improve my voice?

Do you know how can I naturally improve my voice? This is one of those questions asked by beginners just at the start of their career. Voice depends on multiple factors when recording a song or music video. For example, one has to purchase an effective microphone, warm up his vocal muscles, and implement other techniques. Once these strategies are applied together, they lead to a better voice that could attract the audience. If you want to sing naturally, you must have God-gifted vocals. If that is not possible, you can try some techniques that could boost your voice through the microphone and let you sing efficiently. In this article, we will discuss some effective techniques that could help you find the right answer to your question, “How can I naturally improve my voice?” How can I naturally improve my voice

Tips on how can I naturally improve my voice:

Here are some of the top tips that could help you improve your voice naturally.

Warm Up Your Vocals:

Vocals muscles need to properly work before singing. If you keep them active before recording the song, it will be better and help you boost your voice. With time, muscles lose their tone and become ineffective. In such a case, your warm-up practice will make them function effectively.

Quit Smoking:

Do you smoke? Do you know the side effects of smoking? If not, you must keep in mind that smoking directly affects your respiratory system and leads to throat cancer. Nicotine and other dangerous elements in cigarettes lead to adverse effects on your vocal cords. So, you should quit smoking or bad habits.

 Don’t Speak loud:

Do you know speaking loudly can affect your vocal cords? Speaking loudly can dry your vocal cords and make them nonfunctional with time. Even sometimes, you might feel hoarseness in your voice. With hoarseness, you can’t even speak properly.

Keep your throat Hydrated:

Hydration is an essential component of vocal improvement. With excessive use of water, your body organs will work effectively and coordinate with each other. In such a case, you might not feel your vocal dehydrated and sing with confidence.

Avoid Alcohols:

Like smoking and other bad activities, alcohol has unfavorable impacts on your voice. Not only vocals but also the whole body is affected by alcoholic products. So, if you drink alcoholic products, leave them and try to spend a healthy life. If all the organs of the body function with better coordination, it will assist you in singing.

Keep Neck Muscles relaxed:

Have you noticed the body language of singers while singing a song? Especially, some singers move their head during singing which is not the right action at that instant. While vocalizing, you must keep your neck and throat muscles relaxed to produce the natural voice.

Don’t talk when sick:

Keeping your mouth shut when you are sick, can restore your natural voice. Usually, when you are ill, you can feel your changed voice. These are possible effects of ill conditions and can affect your voice if not properly controlled. To keep yourself on the safe side, you must avoid speaking with others when you are sick.

Eat Healthy Food:

Healthy food is something that influences all the parts of your body. An unbalanced diet can make you obese and sick with time. With the fat deposition, you might fall prey to several diseases leading to direct effects on your health. Without proper healthcare, you are not going to get back your natural voice. So, being healthy can boost your vocal muscles and give you confidence. Change your lifestyle and leave your bad habits if you want to be a great singer.

Do practice:

Have you heard a famous quote, “Practice makes a man perfect?” If you don’t have practice, many factors such as lack of confidence, effectiveness, and experience can decrease the natural tone of your voice. Without practice, you don’t know how to sing in front of a big crowd. So, try to do practice and apply advanced techniques.

Final Thoughts:

Have you gone through the tips for how can I naturally improve my voice? If yes, you might have a better understanding of factors affecting your vocals. Implementing all the great activities discussed above can help you improve your voice effectively. Most singers get their career destroyed when they don’t quit smoking and alcoholic products.
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How long should you promote a single before release?

Do you want to know how long should you promote a single before release? It is the main question that revolves in every mind who wants to promote the music. Songs can be released in multiples or singles to get the attention of people and make more followers. It depends on the strategy to choose whether a single or an album. Most beginners don’t have a proper strategy to do what and what can be better for them. A song without proper promotion doesn’t get better engagement compared to promoted music. Before moving on to the main topic of, “How long should you promote a single before release,” We should discuss the way to promote your music. Promotion is an integral part of your single release and involves many techniques including paid or free. Let’s have a look at those resources to promote your music. How long should you promote a single before release?

How to promote your music for free?

There are several free resources to promote your music effectively. We can have a look at all of them.

Facebook Pages and Groups:

From the business aspect, Facebook is a great resource to find the targets and promote your music. You can create your Facebook page, share your videos, invite people to like it, and get the desired results in less time. Apart from that, you can connect with people through Facebook groups. Find all the local music groups on Facebook and join them to attract more audiences.

Pinterest Pins:

Have you used Pinterest? On Pinterest, you can pin the photo of your music videos, attach the links to your video, and promote your music effectively. Pinterest recommends music to music lovers leading to more efficient engagement and better results.

Instagram TV:

Instagram TV is another free resource to make more followers and promote your singles. You can upload your single on IG TV, and people will automatically watch based on recommendations system by search engines.

Youtube Channel:

You can create your Youtube channel, share your music videos on social media, and bring more subscribers. It will increase your reputation and let you progress quickly. Numerous singers, at the start of their careers, try this successful method and claim more followers compared to paid methods.

What are the paid methods to promote your single?

Most people rely only on the free resources but it might consume time. If you have a budget and want to boost your recognition, paid method can be great as well.

Facebook Ads:

Do you know about sponsored ads on Facebook? You might have come across many posts showing a tag of sponsored. Do you know what exactly are those posts? Facebook has a powerful tool to understand the interests of products based on their activity and targets them. You can run Facebook ad campaigns, target your audience, and positively utilize your money.

Youtube Ads:

Have you seen ads before playing a video on YouTube? These are those ads I am talking about. If you target your audience through these types of ads, it will be better for the start of your career. The music will reach more people and help you build a reputation.

How long should you promote a single before release?

Now we have come to our main question, “How long should you promote a single before release?” There must be proper planning to promote your single as it is going to be your first public music video. The better the music video will be, the better the engagement it will gain. According to experts, the singers should start the promotion of their singles, one or two weeks before the release. One should utilize all the above discussion resources to reach thousands of people.

Final Words:

Did I answered your question, “How long should you promote a single before release?” The duration of promotion usually varies and depends on multiple factors. The ultimate goal is to access as many people as you can. For this reason, you can implement every strategy and try to make no blunders. The optimum time is one to two weeks exactly before the music release.
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