A step by step guide to remote mixing

remote mixing

Want some safety and start progressing in your career? Now, you can do remote mixing that ensures the safety of your life and protects you from physical interactions. The music industry is facilitated with numerous tools to overcome the issues faced during recording. Previously, you had to visit the recording studio or hire a recording studio. But, nowadays, it is not the case with music recording. You can even purchase some recording microphones and record your voice instantly. But, still, an issue arises if you are not an engineer.
Engineers are those components of recording studios that are mainly concerned with adding effects to the music videos and properly synchronize the music. Especially during this season, you have to continue your music recording without being interrupted by coronavirus. Remote mixing is a possible solution in this case to pursue your career. In this article, we will highlight remote mixing and its working procedure.
remote mixing

What is remote mixing?

Remote mixing refers to the mixing of your music videos by the engineer being at a distance of kilometers or even miles. You don’t have to travel to the recording studio for the physical recording sessions. In this pandemic, it has gained more significance because of the more secure process to follow. Let’s proceed to the exact mechanism we need to follow for getting your songs mixed.


Do you want to mix your songs remotely? If yes, this guide is exactly what you are looking for remote mixing. You have to go through each step and follow this to complete the task. There is no need to bother yourself by visiting the studios.

Record your music:

It is quite possible to record your music videos at the home. You can purchase some microphones and other materials for your recording. For this purpose, you don’t have to invest in hiring a team. Instead, you are safe and get a quality job at a reasonable budget.

Contact the Studios:

You can find multiple studios in your areas. Every recording studio has an engineer to do the proper mixing of the song and synchronize it with the video. If you are still confused regarding this issue, open Google Maps or try Google Chrome to locate the recording studios near your area. Discussion with the studio manager is quite necessary to deal with the issues. They will let you know about the budget and other expenses for the mixing.
For example, you can contact TrackGardenStudio on their website trackgardenstudio.com and get an estimated budget and understand other requirements. They will properly guide you through the whole procedure and adjust the budget accordingly. However, you can check Google reviews about the studios as well.

Email your music:

Once you have discussed different aspects of the project and are satisfied with the studio, the next task is to upload your music directly on the website if available or send them through email. However, you can try other methods if the studio allows. Mail them your music video.

Get the music mixed :

The music studio will receive your music video and forward it to the engineer. If you have communicated effectively with the studio manager, they will know about your requirements. The studio will try some tools for appropriate mixing and matching of the tone.

Ask for revisions:

Revisions occur when you don’t get what you expect from the studio engineer. Maybe it is his mistake. In case if you don’t like the music mixing or don’t get properly synchronized work, you can request revisions. Once everything is fine, you have to approve the music and let them know about your reviews.

Do payment:

After your approval comes the last step of paying them what you have agreed. For pricing, you need to already negotiate, otherwise, it may cause interruption in the job. The studio will send you an invoice or ask for some other payment methods to get their payments. So, you can get your work accordingly.

Final Thoughts:

As there is prevailing fear of COVID-19 pandemic, you can harness this option effectively. Due to advancements in technology, it is simple and easy enough to record your music videos at the home. If you don’t have much experience regarding mixing, you can try TrackGardenStudio and communicate with them regarding your music videos. They will try to empower you with high professional engineers who carefully understand the requirements and implement them during the job.
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