Some awesome tips for Recording studio etiquette

recording studio etiquette

Every place has its own unique rules and regulations to maintain a peaceful environment. Everyone needs to be calm and friendly depending on the specific principles. The same is the case with the recording studio. Recording studio etiquette refers to a code of conduct while being in the studio during recording sessions.
Want to know about recording studio etiquette? Here are some tips on how to behave yourself in the studio and create a friendly atmosphere. In this article, we will discuss recording studio etiquette from multiple perspectives.
recording studio etiquette

Give Respect :

Respectful behavior shows the type of person inside you. Giving respect to others in the recording studio increases your integrity. Everyone likes you and takes your side in an incident. Sometimes, guests visit the studio to have a look at the system. Apart from that, there are multiple other members of the studio such as engineers, recording artists, and managers of the artist. Keeping in mind all the aspects, show polite behavior with the other members and give some respect.

Follow Rules :

Every studio has its own specific rules for the members. All members need to follow those codes and keep discipline. Have a look at all the rules of the recording studio and behave accordingly. Following rules is the most important tip of recording studio etiquette.

Ask permission:

If you have a look at the rules, there are some activities prohibited. There will be a violation if you don’t follow them properly. In some cases, some activities are not mentioned in the rules. If you don’t know whether these things are allowed to do or not, you can ask for permission. It will help you follow the instructions and earn respect.

No Drinks near the Gear:

Usually, drinks are not allowed to bring into near any of the recording studio equipment. It is because some issues might arise from the liquid in case of leaking or spills from cups or bottles. Some instruments don’t work properly when fluid falls onto them. So, to avoid any type of disturbance during recording, you should avoid placing any liquids near or around electronic equipment.

Don’t talk :

Talking to other members during the recording can distract others and produce ineffective results. Let’s suppose, an engineer is mixing while you are talking. He will lose concentration on the mix by the distraction of your talk. Voice can also interrupt the artists’ concentration and cause them to lose focus on their thoughts. Recording studio etiquette does matter a lot to maintain a cheerful environment while having recording sessions. Even if you are allowed to talk, find some corners or talk in low volume to avoid distraction.

Be on time :

Time is quite essential in every field of life. Arriving late can be disappointing to the others. Especially in the recording studio, the settings need to be done on the time scheduled. If you don’t arrive on time, there might be a lack of proper arrangement,  and it can interfere with the scheduled sessions after yours. Be punctual and follow the given deadlines.

Keep phone silent :

A recording studio is a place where even a low amplitude sound may disturb the overall quality of recording. There are more efforts needed to eliminate those unnecessary voices. Members of the studio such as artists or engineers bring a smartphone to attend their important calls. While doing so, keep your phones on silent. It will help others to work with concentration. If you receive an important call, you can attend it outside the room. This behavior is quite an awesome feature of recording studio etiquette.

Be helpful:

Everyone must be helpful not only in the recording studio but also at some points in life. Some people have the nature to do that while others love to do this. Helping others is the nature of the wise person. Recording studio etiquette includes a positive response when someone asks for help. Sometimes, new members request help. You need to give them respect and guide them properly. If the engineer, artist, or guests ask for some aid, be happy to support them.

Final Thoughts :

Recording studio etiquette is a fundamental requirement for each member of the studio. Recording studio etiquette ensures the cooperation between the components of the studio, such as engineers, artists, or managers of artists. You can have an overview of the tips for recording studio etiquette. If you follow these steps, there will be admiration for your behavior.
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