Best recording microphone for vocals

best microphone for recording vocals

Looking for the best recording microphone for vocals? Having god gifted vocals is cool for the singers. If you don’t have great vocals, there are multiple other techniques to boost your voice. However, various factors might play role in your singing abilities. Having an excellent voice is not sufficient in most cases. It is because you need to use a recording medium to record your voice and offer it to the public. Hence, most professional singers have a high-quality recording system for their singing.
Condenser microphones are among those materials used for the songs. However, it depends on whether you are singing on a stage or in a home. So, the variety of microphones changes with the condition. In this article, we are going to emphasize the points related to the best recording microphone for vocals.

Warm Audio WA-47:

While choosing the best recording microphone for vocals, you must consider this one. Many professionals use either this or its multiple versions for their sound recordings during vocalizations because of its endless features. We can include it in the variety of tube microphones providing you with amplification of sounds and some extra features.
This microphone has nine polar patterns in which you can change the range. Apart from it, you can use it to record unique sounds with high quality. The sound limit for it is 140 decibels with complete sound solutions. To empower the singer with a wide range of instruments, it can record from guitars, piano, and drums. Isn’t it still cool for you?
best microphone for recording vocals

Shure SM7B :

Another master microphone to record your songs and provide ultimate quality is Shure SM7B. To your surprise, Michael Jackson used version SM7 for the recording of his famous song “Billie Jean.” Its early versions were introduced into the industry in the 1970s and gained recognition among the singers due to their quality sound recordings and noise reduction.
We have included it as the best recording microphone for vocals due to its smooth sound and wide range of frequencies. With the help of this microphone, you can record your speech or song with distinct voices and incredible quality. In addition to other features, it procures a built-in shock system to avoid any kind of distraction during recording.

Neumann TLM 103:

The Neumann brand is quite different from other brands in providing its customers with quality. Having decades of manufacturing experience, it mainly focuses on the details of the voice. To boost the quality, it redesigns its microphones and enhances its elements. This microphone is available to provide detailed recording under a normal frequency range of 20-20kHz. Compared to other brands, its diaphragms are small providing high-quality voices with the least noise.
Classical recordings and sampling of the sound is essential for today’s use. This microphone is great for sampling, voice recordings in the studio, and live concerts. You can also harness it for drum voices. Its uses depend on your requirements and what details of sound you need.

Rode NTK :

Looking for mid-price microphones that suit your needs? If yes, the Rode NTK can be the best recording microphone for vocals under an affordable range. With years of quality in building microphones, this brand provides you with optimized quality on a low budget. In the past decades, it was used for rapping and beat productions to provide a detailed voice. It is a high-end tube microphone, used widely and recommended for its cost-effective features.

Neumann U87:

The Neumann U87 was first introduced in 1987 and gain importance among artists due to its detailed voice. It can record from the guitars, vocals, brass, strings, and pianos empowering you with almost every facility. To enhance recording flexibility, it has three switchable polar patterns (omnidirectional, cardioid, and figure-8). After activation of the switchable 10dB pre-attenuation pad, the mic accepts sound pressure levels up to 127decibels.

Final Thoughts :

Now that you have got the overview of our list, you can decide which is the best recording microphone for vocals. Purchasing multiple microphones is not practical for the average artist.. Therefore, while choosing the best recording microphone for vocals, you need to specify your criteria and compare the features. If one of these fits your needs, it will be a great choice for your sound. All of these recording microphones are highly professional and are used all across the music industry. Microphones are crucial parts of a recording studio.
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