What are different eras of Classical Music Types?

Do you love classical music types? Nowadays, the music industry is saturated compared to hundreds of years ago when people were not involved in music in better ways. Especially you have smartphones or laptops to watch your favorite music videos, download them, and save them for longer periods. Music is not only a god gifted skill but also it can be learned easily when someone has passion for it. In actuality, music is more than just an entertaining resource for the people. It’s a skill acquired by music lovers and learned over time. People who are associated with music or are musicians know different types of music. It counts on you to choose which type of music and pursue his/her career in this field. In this article, we will discuss the classical music types and different aspects related to our lives. classical music types

What is classical music?

Classical Music prevails among the people for centuries due to its charms and musical tone attracting the people. If we talk about its era, it started in Europe after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the late 5th century CE. With time, it changed its forms and named differently relying on the area. Classical Music is quite different from what we actually listen to today. It’s usually more difficult, requires high-level skills, and more practice to attain perfection. Let’s discuss classical music types.

Classical Music Types:

Here are some of the classical music types that are of worth for the people to learn about.

Early Music:

From the start of classical music, early music refers to duration till 1400. This is a huge period that let the music change its forms with time. During the early music, there are much improved sessions in the musical tones and instruments. Religious people took this music form to its peak and let people understand it deeply. Actual horns, bone flutes were quite famous musical tools of that era giving rise to classical music.


Early music gave rise to another form of Renaissance that lasted up to 200 years. It started from 1400 to 1600 covering all shapes of musical instruments and tones of that duration. Cello and other such musical instruments were on the top to get the prominent tone. The church helped in the spread of music to distant areas and let people understand it with more freedom. Science, art, and mythology all played a role in this classical music period. Famous composers of this period were John Dowland and Joquin Des Prez. There are multiple other famous musicians as well during that interval of music.


After the Renaissance period of music, the Baroque period started that gave huge popularity to the music. The duration consists of 150 years of period ranging from 1600 to 1750. Different new instruments and tones were introduced by the composers. JS Bach, Corelli, and famous other composers played a great role in the Baroque period of classical music.


Seems confusing, right? Since we are talking about classical music, how it is even possible to have the era with a Classical title? It actually refers to the changes that happened in the music during the era. The music lovers started understanding classical music and boosted its different aspects. The classical period started just after the Baroque period and ended in 1830 with a duration of 80 years. Famous composers include Haydn and Paganini.


The romantic period comprises 70 years of music starting after the classical period and end in 1900. In this period, poetry, tales, and romantic music was created enhancing the engagement of music among the lovers. Wagner, Mahler, and Brahms are famous musicians of that era.

20th century:

This period started from 1900 to 2000 while covering almost 100 years. It includes complex types of music, political influences, and conflicts. Still, people listen to music of this duration. John Adam, John Williams, and Holst were famous composers.

Modern Music:

Today’s music is called the modern music available in the 21st century. You can better understand the nature, tones, and singers of this age.

Final Thoughts:

Have you got the classical music types? Usually, the duration of the evolution of classical music is included in its types. Depending on different factors, some can divide it into different types as well. So, focus on the understanding of each type and compare it to the given duration to get the ultimate knowledge.    
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What are the Best Free DAWs available to download?

Are you a professional music engineer in search of the best free DAWs available online? At a professional recording studio, there are multiple pieces of equipment available that collectively perform to record songs. If any of those is missing or not working as per expectations, the quality of the song might get affected. So, recording studio managers need to check the tools from time to time to maintain the performance of musical instruments.
Apart from that, there are different human components such as engineers, producers, managers, and music artists. These put efforts and help in recording music. Moreover, synchronization of the music with the video is quite an essential aspect that must be done carefully. In this article, we will discuss the best free DAWs available online that can help you maintain music quality.
best free daws

What is a DAW?

Ever been to a recording studio? Digital Audio workstations popularly known as DAWs are tools available in professional recording studios that assist in the proper mixing of songs. What actually does a song comprises?

  • Music
  • Video

What if the music is not properly synchronized with the video? Certainly, the video will fail to impress the audience. That’s what a professional musician would never like to do that.

What does a DAW do?

Now, the question arises why DAW is important for us? No longer a problematic question when I’m discussing it here. DAWs are necessary components of a recording studio that help in recording, editing, and mixing of the song. Here are some popular uses of DAWs in the recording studio.

  • They can help you edit the audio, cut some of its parts, and join with other parts.
  • You can add audio effects that will enable you to engage an audience and entertain them
  • Once you have edited some clips of your video. Now, by employing DAWs, you can improve the audio by mixing it properly. In simple words, a great tool concerning audio mixing and editing.

What are the Best Free DAWs available online?

Why only free DAWs? Usually, the paid version has more features compared to free tools. But, when you don’t have enough budget to afford the paid DAW, you need to cast around the best free DAWs. While exerting efforts for the best free DAWs, you must skim through the tool and understand its features.
digital audio workstations
Though it seems time-consuming but you can do it effortlessly. If you don’t want to do it, you can have a look at the list of best free DAWs available online in this article.


An audacity is a free tool working as a DAW in the music industry. With multiple features regarding audio editing, mixing, and sequencing, this tool is a perfect choice as a DAW. It lacks some features like it doesn’t work as a MIDI sequencer. So, you need to be sure before making it your choice.

Tracktion Waveform:

Tracktion waveform is the second-best free DAW on our list. There are no restrictions regarding track count or simultaneous recording. Not only this but also it works both on Windows and Mac. By that means, more flexible tool for you to download and work with it in your recording studio. Especially for beginners, this tool is quite wonderful providing complete ease to employ and understand how DAWs work. Moreover, there is paid version available but no need to go for that when you have enough features in the free version.

Pro Tools First:

You might have heard of this tool. In most recording studios, Pro tools work as a DAW. It has two versions available right now on an online marketplace. One is free but available with limited features while the second is an advanced version providing you with all the features required for music recording.
With the free version, you can record up to 16 tracks of audio that is quite a flexible feature but still lacks. So, before choosing these free DAWs, you must determine your requirements and compare them.

Final Thoughts

Have you decided which tool can be your choice? If not, let me increase the ease by giving some tips. Before downloading the tool, you must learn about its free features. Not only free features but also working mechanisms and relevant aspects. You know, why should you do that? Because you must know how to operate this tool or whether this tool is easy to use for you or not. So, depending on all these factors, it will be no longer difficult to choose the right tool.

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How to find the right Recording Studio Desk?

Ever kept a weather eye on a recording studio desk? Maybe not, especially if you haven’t visited a recording studio. Conventionally, people love to integrate the components of the recording studio and built it on their own. While this process takes time and effort but gives experience in return. Then, you come to know how exactly these things work and how they are favorable for you. A recording studio is a place where you can record your songs and publish them after review. Typically, there are two ways to do it. One refers to the home recording studio that is not quite a great way to start your career. How can you build a studio when you don’t even latch on to the recording studio things. So, let’s move ahead to the second option. For better recording, you can hire a professional recording studio like TrackGardenStudio. In this article, we will discuss the recording studio desk. recording studio desk

What is a recording studio desk?

Naturally, a professional recording studio has all that is needed. What if it gets messy? To hold all the equipment in place, you need some special apparatus, right? Not exactly but somewhat close to it. A recording studio desk is something you should cast around for this purpose. In easier terms, you can consider the recording studio desk as a tool for keeping your items in place. So, there are hundreds of benefits of recording studio desks.

Why does the studio need a recording studio desk?

Is the studio desk an essential item to hunt down? Maybe not if we thrash out. But, it can be helpful for multiple purposes and enable you to find the best solution for your recording studio. However, let’s have a look at the benefits of a recording studio desk.
  • It helps you hold things in place for longer durations.
  • There are least chances of getting tidied of recording instruments. So, it can increase their performance and durability by maintaining them.
  • Enables you to approach the right instrument within less time.
  • Decreases the time and efforts to find the item separately.

What are the best features of a recording studio desk?

A recording studio desk must procure all the features required for better management. For example, what if you purchase a desk with higher size than the available space. So, in such a case, it comes to be problematic. However, here are some salient features you should peek for.


The better strategy to settle on a studio desk is to measure the size of your available space and compare it with the size of the desk. Then, you will be able to choose the right desk size that is suitable for your place.


Shape is another factor to take up in mind while making up your mind for desk. Typically, the desk varies in shape and design. Do you know why exactly we should concentrate on shape? Sometimes, you need something that could decorate your place as well. So, this is something that would help you plump for.


The ultimate goal is to place your studio items on the desk. For this purpose, you need racks. While settling on your desk, you should conclude whether it is enough racks or not.

Where you can find the recording studio desk?

There are hundreds of companies selling their recording studio desk. Above, you can catch on to the essential features of a recording studio desk. If you are casting around the desk, make sure it has all the above features. If any of the above aspects is missing, it becomes difficult to cope up with the situation. For researching the recording studio, you must either contact your friends or someone who already has shopped such things. In addition, the internet is full of such inventory. You can order your recording studio desk right away and fulfill your desire.

Final Words:

Still, having questions in mind? Fortunately, there are hundreds of online resources where you can find such items. It depends on your requirements and budget to choose the unerring desk. While going to the desk, you should allocate an effective budget and strategy to choose the best fit for the recording studio desk.
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How to setup DIY Recording Studio?

DIY recording studio setup is not a straightforward task. Purchasing the gears and putting them in the right place is not something you must rely on. As you aim to establish a professional studio or somewhat close to it, you need to understand all the relevant aspects. Seems, tricky? That’s what every beginner believes when he/she doesn’t know about the things. If you are a singer and have past experiences with recording, this task can be even easier for you. What do your professional studios have? You have two ways to approach this aspect.
  • Visit the professional studio
  • Go through the Internet resources to find the exact instruments
Your quest doesn’t end here. Still, you have to understand how exactly you can do the task and apply techniques. In this article, we will have a look at a DIY recording studio and how you can set it up. diy recording studio

What exactly is a DIY recording studio?

DIY recording studio refers to arranging the musical instruments and establishing the recording studio on your own efforts. Is that something you are looking for? Maybe I’m right and here to help you get through this process. Let’s have a look at how exactly we can prepare the gears and lay the first stone of our DIY recording studio.

How to get ready DIY recording studio?

A professional approach determines the quality of equipment and preparation of the recording studio. At the recording studio, you can observe this phenomenon even more extensively. As we all know, a professional recording studio has all the equipment to initiate the recording. This is what we need to concentrate on and arrange while recording our first video. Here are some basic steps you should follow.

Choose the recording space:

Recording studios need considerable room for putting up the equipment. Even you should keep more space than your mandatory space. For professional studios, there is always upgradation of the system with the time to more effective form. Therefore, a better approach suggests keeping more space. The first step for your DIY recording studio is to choose the right place that can accommodate all your equipment. If something doesn’t fit in the place, it can be problematic for you.

Test the Acoustic:

Do you want echoing of the sound? Maybe the current scenario or video doesn’t allow the echo of the sound. The walls of the room play a great role in bouncing back of the sound. Once you have chosen the right space, the next task is to test the sound. If it goes fine for your studio, it will better otherwise we have multiple solutions. To reduce the bouncing sounds, you can set up some sofas and tables. These will absorb the sound and help you record the music effectively. You can try different ways to test acoustic.

Organize the Studio Gears:

Your job doesn’t end only in choosing the room or treating the sound problems. But, you need to know about the essential equipment required for the studio. Let me list some necessary apparatuses of the recording studio. There can be numerous other tools as well that can be included in the list. However, you need to purchase all these tools and organize them as per requirements. Even you can get some help from the professionals who already have done such tasks.

Setup Lights:

Lights are also part of the recording studio. To record something hot, lights can help you, and editing can improve this aspect. This is what most recording studios do while maintaining the quality of video. Light effects assist in directing on some parts to highlight them.

Review all the apparatuses:

Is everything in the right place? The wrong placement of any equipment can lead to ineffective recording as it can interrupt while recording the video. So, it is better to have a look at all the things you have installed. If something is not in the right place, you can change its position.

Final Words:

How is my guide to set up a DIY recording studio? Wasn’t it something you should follow? A little bit of knowledge of recording studio is not enough for a DIY recording studio arrangement. Instead, you must know about all diy recording studiothese problems and techniques to figure them out. That’s why a better recommendation is to hire a professional recording studio like Track Garden Studio NJ.  
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How to record songs?

Do you want an exact guide on how to record songs? The music industry is flourishing day by day due to the increasing interests of people. What do you listen to in your leisure time? Music, Right? Whenever someone is tired of his daily chores, he/she needs relaxation.

Usually, in depression or tense situations, you need to calm down your mind. How are you gonna do it? Everyone has their own techniques but it all depends on the modes he/she likes. If you are a singer, you can better understand the importance of songs in our daily lives.
Depending on multiple factors and high competition in the industry, a musician needs to create some high-quality music. This is only possible if you know how to record songs. In this article, we will discuss all the aspects related to how to record songs successfully.
how to record songs

Methods to record songs:

Do you know the exact method to record your songs? Usually, it is a difficult task for beginners when they don’t even know the ABC of the recording. They need a step by step instructions and overcome difficult situations. Let’s have a look at songs recording.

In actuality, there are two methods. One involves your own expertise and skills while the other refers to hire a recording studio. Depending on your ease, you can go through either process and choose the best one.

DIY song recording:

Wanna record music on your own? Why not have a guide on how to record songs with manual efforts. DIY song recordings rely only on your efforts. How do you approach the music recording and what instruments do you employ? Keeping in mind all these aspects, you can better apprehend the music recording. However, whatever methods you like, you can apply them.
Song recordings involve some special instruments that are quite essential for recording high-quality vocals. Without these instruments, you might record your song but it will lack some special effects. Let’s have a look at that equipment helpful during song recording.

Instruments essential for song recording:

Here are some instruments necessary when you want to record your first song.


Microphones help you record your songs without any problems. Usually, people rely only on their natural god-gifted vocals. This is not the best approach when you have some great tools to boost your voice.

The microphone is one of those integral parts of musical instruments. It can help you apply different techniques and boost your voice while recording. You can analyze multiple types of microphones and choose the best one for music recording.


Do you know how to mix songs? Mixing the song is another option to synchronize the video and audio. This helps increase the engagement of the video and make it more effective for the viewers. Digital Audio Stations are tools that help you mix the music successfully. One of the best free DAWs can be observed from the internet.
digital audio workstation


Once you have done your recording sessions, the next step is to save the recording on the device. What else can be better than the computer? I suppose nothing when you know about all the working mechanisms of computers. You can store your music videos and implement the techniques. Moreover, it can help you save multiple copies of single songs and edit is successful.

Hire a recording studio:

The second option left is hiring a recording studio. A professional recording studio has all the facilities required for a song recording, mixing, and producing it within the given deadline. Moreover, it includes professionals such as mixing engineers, managers, and producers. Here are some benefits of hiring a professional recording studio like TRACK GARDEN STUDIO.

  • Professional approach to song recordings
  • Noise-proof rooms that help you record the songs efficiently.
  • No need to have expertise as there are professional engineers for quality mixing of your music.
  • You can get some tips as well while recording and releasing the music videos.

Final Words:

Have you got a guide on how to record songs? There can be two options that rely on your choice. If you follow my suggestions, I would suggest you hire the recording studio. You get all the facilities at a time. There is no need to look for engineers or instruments. Depending on your choice, you can record your songs in multiple other ways as well.
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Essential Recording Studio Equipments you need to know

Looking for a recording studio equipment? The recording studio is a place that consists of multiple components working collectively to record songs, mix them, and publish them for more exposure. Now the question is what are these components and why equipment they use to handle above mentioned tasks? Here are some major components of the recording studio.
  • Recording Producer
  • Studio manager
  • Mixing engineer
  • Singer
Singers are mainly concerned with vocalizations and while others handle effective production of songs. If everything works as per expectations, it becomes easier to record a song and publish it. In absence of any of the above components, it may be difficult to maintain the quality production of songs. However, some tools are also employed such as a microphone for effective recording. In this article, we will have a look at recording studio equipment in detail. recording studio equipment

What is recording studio equipment?

All those tools that help record the song are part of the recording studio equipment. Let’s have a look at these recording studio equipments.


One of the most important tools in the recording studio is a microphone. Do you know what exactly a microphone can do for you? If you have ever recorded the song, you better understand the significance of the microphone at the recording studio. While having look at the microphone, we must focus on its quality. As the microphone helps record the voice and boost, it can ensure the quality of recorded vocals. Sometimes, effective techniques need to be applied that are only possible if you record your song in a recording studio with high-quality recording instruments.


Computer has two types either being desktop or laptop. Most recording studios employ desktops depending on their requirements. Maybe you can purchase a laptop if you are not comfortable with the desktop. But, during all this, you need to keep an eye on the features of both types. If they resolve your issue, it will be better to choose them. Computers play an important role in mixing or storing your recorded video. Like other components, you must focus on this element as well.


Digital Audio Stations or DAWs are another important component of the recording studio. With these, it seems impossible to master the music in the songs. DAWs are wonderful tools for the proper mixing of the music in the video. If you research DAWs online, you might come across the free and paid versions. Usually, premium versions offer some great features. If still, you are not comfortable or have a low budget, you can download some free tools. They will help you mix the music efficiently.

Studio Monitors:

Recording studio comprises studio monitors that help understand what you are singing and how it is being recorded. If you have good gifted vocals but not good studio monitors, the song quality may be affected. Maybe the studio monitors are expensive but they resolve multiple issues arising during song recording. So, try to purchase high-quality studio monitors that would help you record a song efficiently.


Recording studio equipment includes a set of headphones essential for song recording. To avoid noise from distracting you while recording, you need to utilize headphones. They will facilitate the focus on your voice and prevent any case of noise. With great contribution to recording songs, it is considered a necessary tool. To choose the headphones, you must jot down your requirements and look for them. It will help you find the exact headphone you are looking for.

Acoustic Treatment Apparatus:

If you are setting up a recording studio at home, the primary problem you interact with is noise. To reduce the noise, you need efficient tools or acoustic treatment for your room. It will remove the background noises and help you record the clean sounds. In simple terms, it works like a charm in case if you want to set up a home recording studio.

Final Words:

Recording studio might contain other tools as well but all this depends on your requirements. For example, you don’t want acoustic treatment, there is no need to purchase that tool. However, all the above-discussed tools are essential for setting up a recording studio even at home.
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Top vocal Techniques for improving singing abilities

Do you love singing? Why not try some great vocal techniques to hone your current singing skill? Some people have god-gifted vocals and quickly make a reputation among music lovers. Usually, it is effective when you have great vocals. Let’s suppose, you don’t have outstanding vocals that can enhance your exposure. So, what to do in such a case and make yourself a great singer? Apart from having god-gifted vocals, some techniques can help you boost your fans and following within a short period. Some singers don’t have great vocals but they learn vocal techniques, implement them during their practice, and get the best out of their performance on the big stage. In this article, we will highlight all those aspects which can help you boost your singing abilities and let you perform at big stages with confidence. vocal Techniques

Vocal Techniques for Improving Singing Ability:

Let’s have a look at all those points that can boost your singing abilities.

Warm Up Your muscles:

The voice from the vocals cords depends on the warm-up of your muscles. If you have active muscles that are already functional, it would be easy to produce great sound. Sometimes, beginners don’t learn this technique and fail just at the start of their careers. It makes them quit their singing and lose confidence while doing so. In actuality, muscles give you a flow to speak and sing. Without warmed-up muscles, you might feel the lurching voice while recording the song.

Breathe into Ribs:

The usual mechanism of breathing involves the abdomen that is quite different from what we are talking about here. Breathing into ribs can make you perform even better if you do it properly. Ribs and the back of the body play a great role in maintaining your voice. To apply better vocal techniques, you must go through the proper method of breathing into the abdominal and ribs region. Breathing into ribs will make you more comfortable and produce an incredible voice.

Drop your Jaws:

How do you produce your voice while uttering vowels? Does it feel bad? Precisely, yes if you don’t know vocal techniques. Vowel sounds are difficult to sing but offer a great deal while producing great vocalizations. To produce vowel sounds, you must drop your jaws. Dropping jaws is a special technique for vowel sounds and helpful for singers especially beginners who want to make their vocals more efficient.

Differentiate between high and low notes:

Song notes determine the quality of voice at specific points. Sometimes, there is a low voice note and it must be done as per requirements. Have you seen famous singers such as Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift? Just have a look at their facial expressions and movements while singing high and low notes. You must differentiate between the high notes and low notes. This will help you maintain your facial expressions and do the right movement at right time. Lifting chins during high notes can affect your singing quality. So, better don’t do it while singing high notes.

Tongue Down:

The tongue is another important factor that can help you sing properly. A high tongue can block the passage of the nose and pharynx. In such a case, your vocals will also be depressed leading to ineffective vocals quality while producing the tone. So, the best vocal techniques include the tongue down while singing the song.

Practice Song before recording:

Whatever you record is going to be released if it is finalized to be published. Rehearsal is the best way to have a grip over your singing abilities. It will increase the motion of your vocal muscles, let them work efficiently, and improve their vocalizing ability. Professional singers before going to the public do some rehearsal. In actuality, rehearsal can help you apply your techniques at the spot that, otherwise not possible in front of people.

Final Words:

Vocal techniques are always valuable to professional singers who are striving for their careers. They need to make more fans and gain more reputation. At the start, it is always difficult unless you learn these techniques, apply them while practicing, and record your song.  
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How to set up a home recording studio?

A professional music artist needs basic facilities to produce his or her album.  These basic facilities include the complete setup of a home recording studio. Hiring a recording studio can come with a large cost, but can also improve your overall sound and save time. We have to believe the fact that a professional recording studio is better than a home recording studio as it includes professional engineers and other components that help you in mixing and song production. Sometimes, music artists purchase basic equipment and start recording at their homes. It is more comfortable as you can sing and listen to your voice alone. Apart from that, it boosts confidence and helps you perform better at the big stage. However, we can set up a home recording studio if we have all the required equipment. In this article, we will highlight all the steps needed to make a home recording studio. home recording studio

What is a home recording studio?

A home recording studio is completely different from the professional studios. At home, you just need basic instruments such as a microphone to start recording your vocals. For professional mixing, you still need to do either remote mixing or hire engineers physically.

How to set up a home recording studio?

Do you want to set up your recording studio at home? Especially in coronaviruses season, you can’t travel to recording studios for professional recording or mixing. To increase the ease and keep yourself on the safe side, you have the option of the home recording studio. Here are step-by-step instructions to set up a recording studio at home.

Purchase recording studio equipment:

The first step is to purchase the professional tools that can help you record your first song at home. Here is some of the home recording studio equipment required.


High-quality microphones reduce the background noises and boost your voice. With little techniques, you can practice and start singing to record your first music. microphone


The computer can help you run multiple functions regarding the editing of your recorded song. Apart from that, it serves multiple jobs such as storing backups and edited versions. computer


If you are a professional engineer or have some basic skills in using Digital Audio Workstation, you can download pros tools or logic pro as a DAW. It will help you mix the song professionally.

Studio monitors:

Studio monitors will help you determine the voice while recording or mixing in the home recording studio.


If you get distracted with even a little voice, you must try some methods to prevent disturbance. Why not try headphones that will help you focus on singing? Professional singers usually have headphones that make them concentrate on the song and produce quality vocals.   headphones

Choose an effective Room:

While recording your voice, have you ever experienced noises? Where do these noises come from? Usually, it is reflections in the room that produces extra noise when you speak. However, there is equipment that can reduce the noise in a room. However, it is better to select the room that has little to no reflection or outside noise.

Setup all equipment:

Once you have tested the room and made sure it works as per expectations, Now select a location for each piece of equipment you have purchased. Measure the diameter of the room you allocated and consider the best place for each piece. This step is essential because room rattle, reflections and natural reverb in the room can distract you from the true sound of your recording.

Practice Recording:

After setting up all the equipment, review the place and quality of every instrument by trying it. If there is noise while testing, change the room or purchase a noise reducing system.

Final Words:

How set up your home recording studio? During recording sessions, you have to be more focused and comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, you may not sound as good as you can. Moreover, do some practice and warm-ups that will help you activate your vocal card muscles and generate energy for singing. If you don’t know about mixing, you can hire professional engineers at Track Garden Studio NJ that offer you remote mixing as well.
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How much does studio time usually cost?

  Interested in hiring the recording studio? Wanna know how much does studio time usually cost? Before moving on to our main matter, we must highlight the significance of the recording studio and its role for the musicians. Nowadays, only those musicians who have quality voice and music can survive in the music industry. The number of musicians is increasing day by day that has a direct effect on the competition. If your competitor produces more efficient videos, he will probably gain all the audience and engagement. In music, multiple factors determine the response of the audience. Let’s suppose, you have uploaded a quality video, you will get maximum engagement in such a case. So, a professional system is essential for you to work on your music videos. In this article, we will highlight all the factors, cost, and importance of recording studios. How much does studio time usually cost

What is a recording studio?

Do you know what exactly a recording studio is? Most people just read the term and try to define it but that’s not true if you don’t have the idea for the recording studio. How do you record your music? Being at home, most people try to purchase some components for recording and record their music videos. This might not be a professional approach if you are not familiar with all the instruments. The recording studio is a place where you can record your music videos and produce. It consists of multiple components such as producers, engineers, and relevant others necessary to produce the music. Apart from those members, you get a lot of quality musical tools that help you find the right approach to high-quality music production.

Why do you need a recording studio?

Usually, at home, people set up their recording studio. It might include some professional tools such as DAWs, microphones, and computers working collectively to produce a music video. But, what matters is that do you know how to use these tools? Can you produce the quality of music that will help you gain the engagement? However, we can list some major advantages of recording studios that will help you through all this.
  • You get a professional approach to your music videos.
  • Several professional tools are available in the recording studio that provides you with the freedom to record your music.
  • Engineers are available for professional music mixing.
  • Complete support from the recording studio team is much more advantageous for you to produce the right music album.
  • You can get some recommendations from the team as well that will help you through your music career.

How much does studio time usually cost?

Now, we come to our main question, “How much does studio time usually cost?” Perhaps, you know about the exact cost of the recording studio. Most recording studios charge on an hourly basis. For example, you visited a recording studio and want to hire it. They will let you know about their fixed rate for one hour. It depends on your choice as to whether work with them at an hourly rate or not. If we talk about the rates for the recording, it varies from location to location and studio to studio. For example, in Manhattan, a recording studio might charge up to $175 per hour. Compared to it, you can travel one mile to reach New Jersey where the hourly rate is less. In TrackGardenStudio New Jersey, you can better get the same services and quality at the rate of up to $60 per hour. Talking about both scenarios isn’t it better to hire an affordable recording studio and provide quality? This is how recording studios charge in usual terms. So, it is better to do travel to TrackGardenStudio New Jersey, and get the desired quality and results at comparatively low rates.

Final Thoughts:

Typically, now you can answer the above question, “How much does studio time usually cost?” Experts recommend writing all your requirements, comparing it to the recording studio quality, and going for the right one. If you avail the best services, it would be better for you to promote your music effectively. Sometimes, the wrong studio can result in confusion and improper recording of music.  
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How to release an ep independently?

Are you a singer? Looking to release your album? Do you know how to release an ep independently? Musicians do multiple mistakes at the start of their careers. Those who learn from it and never repeat know how to release their music, when to release it, and what to release. Every music video doesn’t get better engagement if you are new and don’t know the exact way to promote it. Your ultimate goal is to let people know about you. For this purpose, at the start of your career, you need to choose what exactly you want to release and the date for it. Experts recommend releasing a single or an ep when you have just started producing your music videos. So, depending on all those factors, we will talk about how to release an ep independently. Directly moving to the topic, we should highlight the ep. How to release an ep independently

What is an ep?

Ep is the collection of music consisting of 20 minutes music videos. While talking about the number of tracks, we can assume 4-6 tracks for an ep. This is quite different from the album or LP. Compared to other types, you can refer it to be medium-sized music collection. However, let’s move forward to answer the question, “how to release an ep independently?”

How to release an album independently?

If you are an independent creator, you must have a step-by-step strategy to release your first music ep. However, we can have a look at several tips and steps that would help you through the method.

Create a high-quality video:

If you have a good setup like that of professional recording studios, you can create high-quality videos. The video’s quality is something that the viewers focus on. If the video quality is low, probably you will not get the expected engagement and even lose the fans. So, the first step is to create music videos that are of high quality.

Set the release date:

Release date is another important factor while releasing your first ep. As you know, if people are busy with their job, no one is going to listen to music. People try to listen to music whenever they are free and want to get some entertainment. If a music video is great enough to impress them, you have higher chances of making permanent followers. Moreover, before taking any steps, you have to choose the release date. For this process, it is better to choose a suitable day.

Create merchandise for fanbase:

This is quite essential to make your fans go crazy for your upcoming music videos. Fans always love to get hats, T-shirts, and other interesting things that would help them as a part of their memory. Having merchandise for your fans is always a great step to get some crazy followers. For this purpose, you have to order the companies to make the shirts or other things for you. As it can consume time, you have to order earlier than your music release. So, do that before going for your ep release.

Do pre-release promotions:

Promotions are always part of the music videos. As singers need to get some fans and grab their attention, promotion can help them in this case. Before releasing the ep, you have to let people know about your ep. If they know the release date, they will wait for it. This method will increase their appetite for your music and increase your chances of getting engagement. This method is integral for the beginners to get the ultimate recognition among the people.

Review the ep results:

If you have previously released the ep, this step might be more helpful. You can have a look at the results of your ep and case study how was your performance and experience with that. Covering the mistakes in the upcoming ep release and making new strategies will help you get the expected results.

Final Thoughts:

Have you reviewed the whole article completing the answer to your question, “how to release an ep independently?” Begin a musician, you might know the exact steps and want some tips. All the above-discussed tips would help you get through the exact process to get your ep released. Moreover, you can list some of your favorite techniques and implement them.
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