How can I naturally improve my voice?

Do you know how can I naturally improve my voice? This is one of those questions asked by beginners just at the start of their career. Voice depends on multiple factors when recording a song or music video. For example, one has to purchase an effective microphone, warm up his vocal muscles, and implement other techniques. Once these strategies are applied together, they lead to a better voice that could attract the audience. If you want to sing naturally, you must have God-gifted vocals. If that is not possible, you can try some techniques that could boost your voice through the microphone and let you sing efficiently. In this article, we will discuss some effective techniques that could help you find the right answer to your question, “How can I naturally improve my voice?” How can I naturally improve my voice

Tips on how can I naturally improve my voice:

Here are some of the top tips that could help you improve your voice naturally.

Warm Up Your Vocals:

Vocals muscles need to properly work before singing. If you keep them active before recording the song, it will be better and help you boost your voice. With time, muscles lose their tone and become ineffective. In such a case, your warm-up practice will make them function effectively.

Quit Smoking:

Do you smoke? Do you know the side effects of smoking? If not, you must keep in mind that smoking directly affects your respiratory system and leads to throat cancer. Nicotine and other dangerous elements in cigarettes lead to adverse effects on your vocal cords. So, you should quit smoking or bad habits.

 Don’t Speak loud:

Do you know speaking loudly can affect your vocal cords? Speaking loudly can dry your vocal cords and make them nonfunctional with time. Even sometimes, you might feel hoarseness in your voice. With hoarseness, you can’t even speak properly.

Keep your throat Hydrated:

Hydration is an essential component of vocal improvement. With excessive use of water, your body organs will work effectively and coordinate with each other. In such a case, you might not feel your vocal dehydrated and sing with confidence.

Avoid Alcohols:

Like smoking and other bad activities, alcohol has unfavorable impacts on your voice. Not only vocals but also the whole body is affected by alcoholic products. So, if you drink alcoholic products, leave them and try to spend a healthy life. If all the organs of the body function with better coordination, it will assist you in singing.

Keep Neck Muscles relaxed:

Have you noticed the body language of singers while singing a song? Especially, some singers move their head during singing which is not the right action at that instant. While vocalizing, you must keep your neck and throat muscles relaxed to produce the natural voice.

Don’t talk when sick:

Keeping your mouth shut when you are sick, can restore your natural voice. Usually, when you are ill, you can feel your changed voice. These are possible effects of ill conditions and can affect your voice if not properly controlled. To keep yourself on the safe side, you must avoid speaking with others when you are sick.

Eat Healthy Food:

Healthy food is something that influences all the parts of your body. An unbalanced diet can make you obese and sick with time. With the fat deposition, you might fall prey to several diseases leading to direct effects on your health. Without proper healthcare, you are not going to get back your natural voice. So, being healthy can boost your vocal muscles and give you confidence. Change your lifestyle and leave your bad habits if you want to be a great singer.

Do practice:

Have you heard a famous quote, “Practice makes a man perfect?” If you don’t have practice, many factors such as lack of confidence, effectiveness, and experience can decrease the natural tone of your voice. Without practice, you don’t know how to sing in front of a big crowd. So, try to do practice and apply advanced techniques.

Final Thoughts:

Have you gone through the tips for how can I naturally improve my voice? If yes, you might have a better understanding of factors affecting your vocals. Implementing all the great activities discussed above can help you improve your voice effectively. Most singers get their career destroyed when they don’t quit smoking and alcoholic products.
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How long should you promote a single before release?

Do you want to know how long should you promote a single before release? It is the main question that revolves in every mind who wants to promote the music. Songs can be released in multiples or singles to get the attention of people and make more followers. It depends on the strategy to choose whether a single or an album. Most beginners don’t have a proper strategy to do what and what can be better for them. A song without proper promotion doesn’t get better engagement compared to promoted music. Before moving on to the main topic of, “How long should you promote a single before release,” We should discuss the way to promote your music. Promotion is an integral part of your single release and involves many techniques including paid or free. Let’s have a look at those resources to promote your music. How long should you promote a single before release?

How to promote your music for free?

There are several free resources to promote your music effectively. We can have a look at all of them.

Facebook Pages and Groups:

From the business aspect, Facebook is a great resource to find the targets and promote your music. You can create your Facebook page, share your videos, invite people to like it, and get the desired results in less time. Apart from that, you can connect with people through Facebook groups. Find all the local music groups on Facebook and join them to attract more audiences.

Pinterest Pins:

Have you used Pinterest? On Pinterest, you can pin the photo of your music videos, attach the links to your video, and promote your music effectively. Pinterest recommends music to music lovers leading to more efficient engagement and better results.

Instagram TV:

Instagram TV is another free resource to make more followers and promote your singles. You can upload your single on IG TV, and people will automatically watch based on recommendations system by search engines.

Youtube Channel:

You can create your Youtube channel, share your music videos on social media, and bring more subscribers. It will increase your reputation and let you progress quickly. Numerous singers, at the start of their careers, try this successful method and claim more followers compared to paid methods.

What are the paid methods to promote your single?

Most people rely only on the free resources but it might consume time. If you have a budget and want to boost your recognition, paid method can be great as well.

Facebook Ads:

Do you know about sponsored ads on Facebook? You might have come across many posts showing a tag of sponsored. Do you know what exactly are those posts? Facebook has a powerful tool to understand the interests of products based on their activity and targets them. You can run Facebook ad campaigns, target your audience, and positively utilize your money.

Youtube Ads:

Have you seen ads before playing a video on YouTube? These are those ads I am talking about. If you target your audience through these types of ads, it will be better for the start of your career. The music will reach more people and help you build a reputation.

How long should you promote a single before release?

Now we have come to our main question, “How long should you promote a single before release?” There must be proper planning to promote your single as it is going to be your first public music video. The better the music video will be, the better the engagement it will gain. According to experts, the singers should start the promotion of their singles, one or two weeks before the release. One should utilize all the above discussion resources to reach thousands of people.

Final Words:

Did I answered your question, “How long should you promote a single before release?” The duration of promotion usually varies and depends on multiple factors. The ultimate goal is to access as many people as you can. For this reason, you can implement every strategy and try to make no blunders. The optimum time is one to two weeks exactly before the music release.
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How to find the mixing engineers for hire?

Are you looking for mixing engineers for hire purposes? Before moving on to the main topic, we must highlight the significance of technology today. Nowadays, musicians have easy access to numerous instruments for song recording. From the microphone to set up all the settings, one can maintain the system for song recording at the home. Technology has reduced the expenses and decreased the efforts as you have DAWs available and other pieces of equipment for recording. Is it possible to produce your music video at home? Yes, it is but lacks many things as you might be a professional singer but not an engineer. Music production involves many steps and components that collectively work to release your first single. So, you have to either hire a recording studio such as TrackGardenStudio or go for mixing engineers for hire. In this article, we will highlight mixing engineers for hire when you want remote mixing. mixing engineers for hire

What are mixing engineers for hire?

Do you know what a mixing engineer can do? Have you ever visited the recording studio? If yes, you might have observed recording engineers in the studio as well. Mixing engineers synchronize the music video with the audio and add the relevant effects to contribute to video production. Without music engineers, the music video seems to be irrelevant and ineffective.

Why do you need mixing engineers for hire?

If you are thinking of setting up your home recording studio, it is great but lacks some fundamental components. To mix the music with the video is an experts’ job and needs to be done properly. For this purpose, you can hire mixing engineers. For remote mixing, you can send the video to the mixing engineer through email or Dropbox. Once mixing is done, you can get the file in the form of an email or other media resource.

How to find the mixing engineers for hire?

Hiring mixing engineers elicits many questions in the mind. How can you find the right mixing engineer? What does a mixing engineer do? To put the answer to this question, we can research and locate through the following methods.


Do you know about LinkedIn? Have you ever tried this platform? A truly professional platform for the experts in every field of life. To find the best music engineers for hire purposes, you can research on LinkedIn. Either posting the vacancy or going for manual profile research will help you find the right candidate for your job.

Freelance mixing engineers for hire:

Sometimes, expert engineers offer their services through the freelance platform. You can go through professional freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and many others to find the right candidate. To assess his knack, you can request sample work and analyze it to uncover the best match.

Get recommendations:

The recommendation is another best way to find mixing engineers for hire. For this purpose, you can either contact the past clients of that engineer or ask your friends about this. The whole scenario will help you discover the person you are looking for.

Find on the Internet:

One of the best resources to find the right mixing engineer is the internet. You can input the “mixing engineers for hire” and Google will show you all the relevant recording studios in your area. You can have a look at the reviews of that recording studio and hire its mixing engineer.

Mixing Engineers at Track Garden Studio:

Still not find the best match for your job? If yes, here is the best match for the mixing job of your music. You can either visit the website to get the contact number and fill in the contact form to approach the recording studio admin. To get the remote mixing, you can send the file through email, dropbox, send space, or other media services with which you feel comfortable. To provide you with the best mixing services, you can request revisions and get the file on time. It is a quite simple process to approach the Track Garden Studio and get your mixing done with professional tools.

Final Words:

To produce your first album, you have to implement techniques to release high-quality music videos. Especially, in the season of COVID-19, you have restricted activity and can not visit the studios physically. To keep yourself on the safe side, you need the remote mixing of your music videos. All the above-discussed methods will end your quest for mixing engineers for hire.
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What is the Recording studio checklist? Essential components

Do you want to know the recording studio checklist? The recording studio is a place with a complete setup for the recording of songs or music videos and comprises numerous components. Apart from the workers, all the materialistic components of a recording studio are termed as a recording studio checklist. Like microphones, DAWs, and all other instruments required for the music recordings are part of the recording studio checklist.
Sometimes, musicians want to get their home set up for song recording. However, it may lack human components such as Engineers but can be effective in most cases. So, they need to know what a recording studio has. In this article, we will highlight the recording studio checklist that is essential for a recording studio.
 recording studio checklist


If you are a musician, you can apply numerous techniques to boost your voice through a microphone. Without an effective microphone, it becomes difficult to produce an excellent voice. As a recording studio is a place for music recording, microphones of high quality must be available there to record the vocal efficiently. There are hundreds of microphones available in the market but their quality defines the music recording.


Computers play an important role in the recording studio and work as one of the major components. For a recording studio, they can work as a heart. A fast computer system can be helpful to accomplish several jobs in a recording studio. It depends on your requirements whether to choose Mac OS or Windows.

Digital Audio Workstation(DAW) :

After the recording of the video, engineers have to synchronize the music with the video. DAWs can play a great role in the mixing of music and video production. There are different DAWs such as Pro Tools that can be employed in a recording studio and reduce your manual efforts. When it comes to a recording studio checklist, the digital audio workstation is always mentioned.


Monitors are involved in the management of music recording. They keep an eye on the levels of music and can be adjusted accordingly. A recording studio needs monitors to be a part of their checklist and perform different jobs. Proper mixing and monitoring of the music are quite essential to produce a high-quality music video.

Speaker Stands:

Do your recording studio has a speaker stand? It is not an essential component but can be a plus to produce a high standard of music. With a proper setup for speakers, you can adjust the distance and volume of sounds from your speakers. You can come across different varieties of stands but choose the one that provides more flexibility.


Do you know the use of headphones? Wondered why should we include it in the recording studio checklist? It is of no use when you are not comfortable but can play a great role in music recording. With headphones, you can avoid distractions during recording sessions and listen to your voice. It will help you implement your singing techniques at that moment and overcome several other issues.

Software Instruments:

As technology has dominated every field of life, the same is true for the recording studio. In the proper recording sessions, you need some basic tools that allow you to edit your videos. Apart from that, you can cut and mix the music videos as well. At every step of recording, there is a need for technology in the form of software. So, you must have all the required software for recording sessions.

Acoustic Treatment:

You must choose the place that has less noise. Noise can interrupt the lyrics and destroy your whole music video. So, you must consider before selecting the place. If everything is fine, but there is a need for acoustic treatment. For this purpose, you must have proper instruments that could help you in this regard. You must have the whole system ready for the recording sessions.

Final Words:

Do you want to set up your home recording studio? If you have a look at all the above items, you can get an idea of each instrument needed for the recording studio. Most beginners try to make their setup when they fall short of budget. So, you can understand the recording studio checklist and set up your system.
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What is ep vs album? Top differences

Do you want to compare ep vs album? Do you know both of these strategies for your music release? Beginner musicians remain confused about what to release, how to release, and in which pattern they should release. As the music industry is quite saturated, it becomes essential to have a look at the competitors and determine what they are releasing and how they are releasing their music. You should manage your task in the beginning. Getting a reputation among the people is a major problem for beginners.
A simple mistake in your music release can lead to flop music and no engagement from the people. In actuality, people want something interesting that must entertain them and be available to them at that time. Not only vocals matter but also time for release, and strategy for it matters. So, in this article, we will highlight ep vs album and which one is considered to be better for you.
ep vs album

What is ep vs album?

Do you know both terms? How will you define ep vs album? Both of these are categories for music release but the timing for each is different. Have you ever heard of a single? Single refers to the release of a single song. Keeping in mind the concept of a single, we can easily define both of these terminologies.
An ep is an abbreviated form of extended play. It refers to the collection of four to six songs that consists of 30 minutes of music from the musicians. If you release music that consists of either 20 to 30 minutes or contains 4 to 6 songs, will be categorized under the ep.
Album is bigger than ep compared to the duration and number of songs. Random tracks from the same musicians having more than six songs or above 30 minutes music videos are considered to be the album.

Difference between ep and album:

Beginners don’t know these aspects of music when they are just at the start of their music career. It becomes necessary to understand these strategies of music and release them at the corresponding time.


Specifying the difference between ep vs album, we can compare them at the duration of the music.
Ep is greater than a single but less than an album. With four to six songs, you can release your ep that must have a music duration of below 30 minutes.
The album is greater than an ep and consists of 7 to 20 songs that assume to be 35 minutes to 60 minutes of music.

Type of tracks:

Track types can also be the difference between ep and album. Tracks can be the different or same depending on the musicians. However, let’s have a look at the types of tracks for both ep vs album.
Ep consists of relevant tracks that are connected through a string. You can’t regard them as an entirely different music video. All the music videos are connected to some extent.
Album consists of music clips consisting of entirely different music tracks. Random tracks might not be connected in any way.

Time of music release:

It depends on how many followers you have. A high number of followers can watch your music videos and increase engagement. Do you want to know which one is better between ep and album? Depending on the number of fans and other relevant aspects, we can differentiate both types and compare ep vs album.
When you are at the start of your career and have low investments, you can start with extended play and get more followers. There will be more engagement with such a case and more people will become your followers.
With thousands or millions of followers, the album will perform better. A mix of random tracks will let your followers enjoy it and become die-hard fans.

Final Words:

Have you reviewed the whole article of ep vs album? Beginners need to analyze the different aspects of music and plan how to release their first music video. Without an effective strategy, it becomes difficult to gain more fans and increase the visibility of your music. Being a musician, your ultimate goal is to enhance your relationship with the followers. Apart from getting better at music, you need to have a strategy. At the right time with the right music videos strategy, you can achieve this goal within weeks or months.
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How to find music managers looking for talent?

Want to find music managers looking for talent? Are you a musician? Music gives us inner peace and lessens our pain. Sometimes we get tired and need rest. At this part of life, we need to relax our body muscles and feel peaceful. Music can be helpful to do this. It relieves our inner pain and increases comfort by activating the neurotransmitters. Music is divided into different categories being happy or sad. It depends on your nature to listen to which one.
If you are a musician, you should know how to create music videos and relevant things. Most professionals prefer to hire a recording studio that has all the components for recording and mixing the sound. However, apart from that, music managers are an essential component for your future. In this article, we will focus on music managers looking for talent and let you find them quickly.
music managers looking for talent

What are music managers?

Do you know the role of a music manager? Music managers are integral components of your career. A musician has to do concerts and go in public. Even if you have to make some decisions regarding your future, music managers can guide how to take the right steps. They play a crucial role in your future concerts and manage all the events for your music.

How do find the right music managers looking for talent?

Music managers look for talented musicians and urge them to expand their fan followings. Being a beginner, you need to have someone who can handle everything for you. The music manager is the right one for your task. Let’s move forward to discuss ways to find the right music managers looking for talent.

Do your research:

You have to find a music manager that has a serious attitude towards work and knows how to handle the task. Someone with years of experience or reputation can be the best fit in this regard. You have to do research and find the efficient one.
For this purpose, you can find it through professional resources such as Linked In or some others. If this doesn’t seem accurate, you can ask your friends. Asking your friends can be a great way to approach the right music manager.

Verify his skills:

Music managers need to capable of handling all your tasks. If you find someone who doesn’t understand you at all and unable to perceive your music skills, it will be difficult to handle all your jobs. So, finding the right music manager can be difficult for you. However, finding the expert music manager with a grip over managing the music sessions for you.

Define your parameters:

Some musicians have different types of approaches and want complete understanding with the music manager. If the music manager doesn’t understand your psyche and works on his ideas, it becomes difficult to proceed with upcoming projects. Before finding or hiring a music manager, you must jot down your requirements. Maybe someone is expert but doesn’t fit your criteria. It will be difficult to work with such a music manager. So, defining the rules and standards will help you get through your research.

How will the music managers looking for talent find you?

Do you want music managers looking for talent to find you? Every beginner with great vocals or singing techniques wants to get recognized among the music experts. For the music managers, you must build a relationship with other musicians, bloggers, and record labels. As the music managers are associated with these departments, it will be easy for them to find you.
Apart from building relationships, you can try some other ways. Promoting your music videos on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is also a powerful way to get recognized. Spotify is especially for the musicians to upload their videos. With a strong profile and a high number of Spotify followers, you can get the attention of music managers looking for talent.

Final Words:

Have you analyzed the overview of the music managers looking for talent? It becomes difficult to find the music managers when you just want to sit and sing. Finding the exact resources and utilizing them can help you find the way toward your research. Music managers can easily find you if your strong social media profile with millions of followers. With great vocals, it is possible to get such a huge fan and following.
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How to promote music on Instagram? Top 5 tips

Want to know how to promote music on Instagram? Do you use Instagram regularly? Have you installed the Android app for Instagram? Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks that connect people. From the business aspect, all social media networks are a great way to expand your business and make it reach billions of people. As there are limited social sites, we can use Instagram to promote our music. If you have great vocals but not many followers, you must try some great tricks to get organic fans.
The music industry is a little bit complicated and tough to compete with due to heavy competition. You must have some essential techniques to access the millions of people. Most beginners don’t know how they can promote their music. However, in this article, we will highlight how to promote music on Instagram and gain organic followers.
how to promote music on Instagram

Post content on Instagram stories:

Have you ever heard of Instagram stories? If you are a regular content creator or Instagram user, you must know this part. Instagram offers its users like Facebook to post the stories and let the people know about you. If you have recorded a great music video, it can be hot to post on your stories.
With better engagement for your stories, it is possible to get recommended to other people as well. I see many stories and posts in the suggested section on my Instagram. Do you know where from they come even I don’t follow them? It is due to an Instagram algorithm based on people’s interest to give an excellent experience to people.

Instagram TV:

Instagram TV or IGTV is another option for your music to get started with your promotion. On Instagram TV, you can upload your music videos and let people watch them. You can assume it like the channels on Youtube or video section on Facebook for better understanding. Most musicians apply this great technique to reach more people and get more fans.

Write Great Bio:

Do you use Facebook or other social media networks? All networks allow you to add your bio and get recommended in other sections. Have you ever tried it on Instagram? The Instagram algorithm suggests people based on interests. Music lovers will most likely get a recommendation for following the musicians.
Getting followed by music lovers is necessary when you want to build a reputation. With a strong bio and relevant data, there will be maximum chances for getting organic followers and free promotion of your content on Instagram.

Live Streaming:

Do you have followers on your Instagram account? If yes, are you properly connected with them? At the start, you have to do struggle and make more followers. For this purpose, you need to try every possible method. Live Streaming like on Facebook and Youtube, can be a great choice to engage more people. Celebrities always try this method to get more fans on their Instagram account.
People love to ask questions and be on live videos with their celebrities. It will build trust and let you know their interests. With the more powerful way, you can get free promotion for your content. Music videos promoted in this way have great engagement.

Run Ads campaigns:

When you want a promotion, there are two possible ways. All the above-discussed methods are part of free promotion. When you find the answer to your question of how to promote music on Instagram, you have to go through paid ads as well. Ads campaigns are a quick way to invest and get rewarded for your money.
Instagram offers paid ads to promote your music. It will reach more people and get engagement depending on your budget, location, and ad setup. Beginners try this way to promote their music and get more followers. With optimized ads, you have full control of all the aspects of your campaign.

Final Words:

Have you got answered your question of how to promote music on Instagram? Instagram is a powerful way to promote like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. You have to invest some bucks when you want to promote your music. Before setting up your ad campaigns, you must know things to start with. In case of improper setup, it can be difficult to reach more people and get targeted results.
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How to record vocals? Guide 2021

Want some guidance on how to record vocals? It can be a huge problem when you are a beginner. When you get used to it, it is nothing more than standing in front of the mic and singing. Great vocals can be god-gifted and compel the listeners to listen to the whole song. As we know, everyone doesn’t have a great voice. For better vocals, you have to learn different techniques and release your first album. The music industry is highly saturated due to numerous people trying to learn singing skills.
Apart from focusing on your voice, you must have proper recording apparatus and team. A great team can play a great role to mix the tone with the vocals and decide the time to release it. In this article, we will highlight step-by-step instructions on how to record vocals. Moreover, you will understand different phases of vocalization as well.
how to record vocals

What is vocal recording?

All types of voice recording including advertisement voice-overs or songs, fall under the category of vocal recording. But, in the music industry, the most common form is singing that is considered. Let’s move forward to our main topic of how to record vocals.

How to record vocals?

Here is a guide to record your first song.

Prepare yourself :

Recording your first song can be frustrating when you don’t know what to do and how things work. Be confident about the fact that you can sing better than others. Any type of confusion can lead to the ineffective recording of your vocals. Self-confidence is the first thing that matters when you are trying to sing. So, do some physical exercise to keep your muscles active and practice before actual recording. It will boost your inner peace and let you believe in yourself.

Set up your equipment:

There are multiple pieces of equipment needed if you are at the home. Especially in this season of coronaviruses, you have to record your vocals being at the home. While in other cases, you can hire a recording studio such as Track Garden Studio in the United States. However, either being at the home or in the recording studio, the second step is to set up your pieces of equipment and gather microphones.

Choose a suitable microphone :

Microphone has different types that determine the voice and other parameters necessary for the recording. You have to be aware of the perfect microphone for your voice. Usually, Neumann Brand produces high-quality condenser microphones and other relevant types. So, before moving forward to the recording session, make sure your recording microphone is exactly what you are looking for.

Use accurate recording techniques:

Apart from setting up all the pieces of equipment, you have to apply different recording techniques for this purpose. Be at the right distance from your microphone to prevent any case of noise. Choosing the right room to avoid interruptions from noise and other problems can be a great way to get your vocals recorded. Most beginners make slight mistakes in choosing the right system for their recording apparatus that leads to vocal recording with interrupted sounds. You have to choose the apparatus that is free from the flaws.

Record your first song :

This step can be the final step in our recording tutorial of how to record vocals. But, you can take it as a rehearsal if you want to check your voice as well. Implement your vocalization techniques to produce an excellent voice from your vocal cords. Once you have recorded your first song, ask the others to give feedback. If you find that your voice is mesmerizing and will engage more people, it is great otherwise, give it another try with different techniques.

Final Thoughts :

I hope you got the guide on how to record vocals. A quick overview of the whole can help you demonstrate the way to record your first sound. Especially when you are new and don’t know the ways to do it, hiring a recording studio can be effective. A recording studio contains a professional system for recording and mixing your songs.
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How to make your own TikTok sound?

Do you know how to make your own TikTok sound? Are you an influencer on TikTok? Tiktok is one of the most popular apps for creators nowadays. Billions of users and creators approach this platform to get recognition. Like Facebook or Youtube, it can be a treat for businesses to boost their business. As the music industry is highly competitive, you have to find effective sources where you can upload your videos. Spotify or Youtube can be a great way to start your channel and get fans. Similar to these sources, you can understand the basic concepts of TikTok and know how to make your own TikTok sound.
Do you know why we should approach TikTok as a platform for our music videos? Tiktok is a forum for the creators where millions of views are possible one day. With such a huge audience, you can target this resource and reach them within no time. In this article, we will highlight some points regarding how to make your own TikTok sound and possible ways to get maximum views.
How to make your own TikTok sound

How to make your own TikTok sound and upload it?

It can be a difficult job for beginners to get expertise in uploading videos on TikTok. You have to understand the multiple aspects of the video and audio. Recording can be a great component to boost the exposure of your video if done perfectly with a microphone. However, here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own TikTok sound and upload it.

Create your video:

Tiktok usually allows a short clip when compared to other resources such as Spotify or Youtube. In simple words, you can upload your complete music video on Youtube. If a user clicks on your video, he can either watch your complete video or a short overview to judge the quality of sound. On TikTok, you can do lip-syncing with the audio and run your song in the background. Most of the hit songs are usually found in the videos created by the creators.
To get the maximum exposure, you can record your short clips such as slow-motion videos or something like that. The video may be of 30 seconds or less. Once you have created your video, the next step is to do editing.

Synchronize your music:

Once your video is created and has no background voice. In case if it has background sound, you can edit it and remove it to add your music audio. Tiktok has a built-in system to edit and synchronize your audio. If you don’t want to do that, several tools are available for editing. Properly synchronize the audio with the video and check whether the video seems perfect or not.

Upload Video :

As already described, TikTok is a platform for short clips similar to Likee and SnackVideo. If your video is perfectly synchronized with your music, you can upload it to your TikTok account. TikTok promotes only those videos that have maximum user engagement and attract the users. The main purpose of TikTok is to entertain the users with quality videos. So, to get recommended by the TikTok, you have to make sure your video is entertaining.

Do marketing :

Everyone watches videos when it has perfect background music. To be a successful creator, you must have millions of followers. For beginners, it can be difficult to achieve such a huge audience. It is only possible if you have a proper marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram can be great ways to share your video links and get TikTok Followers. Try to share your video on this platform and get desired followers.

Final thoughts :

Have you got an overview of our guide on how to make your own TikTok sound? From my experience, people love to listen to sounds in the background more than the video if it is interesting. If you are a musician and want to defeat your competitors, TikTok can be a great forum to upload your music videos. After that, you can do marketing or run ads to get followers.
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How to get better at music? Guide 2021

Curious to learn about how to get better at music? Some people have the native ability to produce musical tones that attract anyone. But, in actuality, this is not the case with numerous others. Learning is a continuous process of improvement that helps you get through multiple stages to learn music and improve your skills. Someone who has the passion to learn music has optimum chances for getting improvements in his skills. Most beginners either don’t find interest at all or lose it while having training sessions. It leads to a lack of focus on the main topic, and they dive into other fields. So, before starting your career as a musician, you have to develop interests in your mind and follow the methods.
“How to get better at music?” is a question circulating in everyone’s mind especially for beginners. Due to high competition in the music industry, they have to concentrate on techniques, grasp them, and apply them in practical work. However, in this article, we will help you in “How to get better at music?” and discuss the basic techniques that can help you improve your musical skills.
how to get better at music

How to get better at music?

Here are some tips to get better at music.

Understand the basics of music:

Every field of life has some kind of foundation on which it relies and works. To understand the work, you need to apprehend what’s the basics. Most people fail in pursuing their career as a musician when they don’t reach the bottom of music. So, before moving forward to start your career, understand the basic meanings and principles on which music works.

Learn modern techniques:

Can you listen to a hundred years old song? All the songs in the 20th century are quite different from today’s. Like other fields, the music goes through the process of evolution with the improvement in the sound system and new techniques introduction. Even the tools being used nowadays, are not what they were in the 20th century. Technology has changed everything with time. As we are leaving in the technology world, we need to focus on what attracts people.
Rarely do people listen to old music however, it is a legacy from our ancestors. So, understand the psychology of the people and release your albums accordingly. It will help you increase the exposure of your music.

Collaborate with others :

Have you ever wondered why collaboration is impressive to get better at music? Try to communicate with other musicians what they’re doing and how they perceive different aspects of music. Maybe they know what you don’t. You can appreciate their ideas and learn them quickly to improve your music skills. It will help you increase your knowledge about the music industry and let you move forward in your career progressively.

Develop interest to learn :

Learning is an ongoing process that doesn’t stop the whole life. Everything gets modified with time and re-released in the market with a new mechanism. All old songs have new versions nowadays, being sung by modern singers to let people know about something interesting. Without interest, you can’t get things and become an expert. Progress depends upon your critical thinking skills that come with the interests. When you have some passion to learn the music, you integrate rules and devise new ideas.

Accept the criticism:

If you meet a group of few people, you will understand the fact that everyone has unique notions. Whenever a new song is released, some admire the singer for his efforts while others criticize him for not being able to attract them. Such critique can be helpful for you to detect some blunders and improve them in the future. So, it can be a positive way to listen to such people and overcome your mistakes.


None is so capable to get the things in the first time. To grasp the things, you have to practice things. When you try to understand things multiple times, your mind works efficiently and lets you understand the importance of different aspects. Your approach to the music does matter a lot that must be professional. Professionalism is only possible when you have practiced a lot.

Final Thoughts :

Have you reviewed our guide on how to get better at music? Due to the highly competitive environment, you need to learn new techniques and improve your skills. Your ultimate goal is to defeat your competitors and strengthen your position on the top. If you have essential skills for music, it can help you find a way to enhance your knack and highlight the important points. If, still, you have questions in your mind, comment down and let us help you in this regard.
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