How to create a music video with $0 – Brilliant!

create a music video

Create A Music Video

Thanks to technology, as now it has become easier than ever to create a music video and promote them through different platforms. The process of recording a music video is not only creative but equally thrilling, rewarding, and at times exhausting. 

They are not just limited to the imagination of the one who is developing the video but also the budgets involved. 

Before you begin producing your best music video, it is important to plan and take into consideration a few important things. 

Today, in this article we are going to share with you the benefits of music videos and how you can promote them. We will explore the basics involved in this process that would be helpful while you plan to develop one. 

● Get an idea about your budget 

Music videos online don’t need to be expensive. You can start with the simple one and having clarity about your budget can help ensure that you don’t go overboard. 

● Get your team involved 

Talk to your team and have their ideas incorporated. Have a realistic view and know which ideas are reliable to be included. 

● Work on the ideas and refinements 

Brainstorm the ideas and refine them. It will help identify if it will be feasible to shoot. 

● Create a storyboard before you begin the shoot. 

It is one of the most effective video planning tools. It is not necessary to have flashy storyboards, you can have a simple one. 

Benefits when you create a music video 

Music videos can help you more than you can imagine. It can help you promote your brand through various platforms. You will be surprised to learn that music videos don’t need to cost a fortune. Even the most successful videos in the past have been shot on a shoestring budget. Music videos online are free to watch, it can quickly help you gain traction from the audience. 

The most important aspects include- a great idea, a planned budget, well-knitted team. 

● Videos help in capturing the essence of both the musicians and the music. 

● Music videos help your fans engage better with your music, storyline. As videos have the ability to include sound and visuals therefore it enables them to become involved with the band at a new level. 

● It will help you reach your higher career feats. 

Options to create a music video for different budgets 

Big production companies may charge you an exorbitant amount for the simplest video also. Therefore, if you are running on a limited budget then we can help you with a few ideas which can be worth rewarding. 

● Plan your work 

You should plan your schedule and can also take help from friends. Whatever may be the concept, make sure it can be shot quickly. 

● Make your efforts count 

Even if you are shooting in one location, make it count. Your shooting location doesn’t have to be in different countries or cities. Make production as simple as possible. 

● Develop an interesting visual element 

Where to post and promote music videos online 

Developing a new music video is an important step for every musician. It not only attracts and connects with viewers but also helps you explore your talent. 

Times have changed. Music videos are popular more than ever. With social media platforms, it has become easier for musicians to promote music videos at nominal budgets. 

Here are some easy ways to make your music videos better. 

● Make the first few seconds count. 

The first few seconds are very important to grasp the attention of the users. Therefore, make it count. It has to be dramatic, engaging and entertaining at the same time. 

● Tags 

The more tags your video has, the more exposure it will result in. Therefore choose your tags carefully. Tag popular artists who have a similar style to yours. 

● Run contest on your social media platforms 

Running a contest for an upcoming view is a great way to engage your fans. Have your fans create their own Reels or tik tok video using your song. Ask your fan to submit their own clicks to win prizes. 

● Promote your videos on youtube 

It is the biggest search engine with billions of people watching content all over the world. You can utilize this large video sharing platform to promote your videos. Youtube music videos will garner a lot of attention from your potential fans. 

● Prepare awesome edits 

Pay full attention while making edits. Just remember that your video should have a smooth flow and should maintain high standards. 

● Respond to user comments 

Always make sure to acknowledge viewers’ comments on your video. Accept the video positive or negative and keep engaging with your viewers. 

● Share links to download. 

While describing your video, insert the links for the viewers to view the video. 

● Keep learning and growing 

Make your every video count. As you continue to develop music videos, you will keep learning and would make the next one even better. Based on feedback from the users as well as data analytics, you will be able to identify what amendments you need to make. 

Music video promotion is equally important as music production. It is key to becoming a popular musician. Implement these useful tips and it will be helpful while you are promoting your videos.


Create A Music Video

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