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Choosing The Best Hoboken Recording Studio

If you are a singer, songwriter or performer in New Jersey, chances are you’ll need a Hoboken recording studio or one of the other towns. Of course, out of different choices, you can only pick one.

For instance, if you are a band in Hudson County, you could be looking to get the best recording studio in Hoboken, Bayonne or West New York.  However, you must be careful during the selection process. So, how do you know that you’re making the right selection?

This article shows you the things to look out for. So, you don’t have to try all the music studios in Hoboken before making a choice.

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What to look for when choosing a recording studio?

Hoboken Recording Studio Check List


One major factor to consider is the kind of recording gear in the studio. Expensive gear is not always the best. So, you shouldn’t be too concerned about the costs. The most vital consideration is whether the equipment suits your art.

If you are full band of musicians, you will need a different gear setup than a solo pop artist. So, if a Hoboken recording studio is setup only for solo pop artists, your band may struggle to have a decent recording session.

Here is some equipment you should look for in a standard recording studio:

  • Quality microphones

We cannot emphasize this enough. A microphone should capture your natural voice into the recording system. That’s the least you can expect from standard studio mic. If any Hoboken recording studio mic tampers with your vocal quality, do not record your songs there.

  • Feedback system

This includes monitors and headphones that play back your recordings. Any quality music studio should have a system with natural playback, not consumer electronics that conceal recording issues.


It’s a common saying in audio production that any gear is only as good as the person behind it. The most expensive recording studio in Hoboken will only churn out substandard music if there are no capable hands.

As a creative, you need a music recording studio with staffs who know their stuff. This includes recording, mixing and mastering. Also, to achieve the best results, anyone handling your project must have an excellent knowledge of music.

Aside from giving you the best service, a knowledgeable recording studio staff will guide your creativity. At the end, it helps you to produce a solid body of work.


When songwriters are about to work on new projects, one of the most common things they do is to have a change of scenery. The reason is not far-fetched. Creativity thrives better in a serene environment. If you’re a recording artist in New Jersey or even NYC, you should consider booking a recording studio in Hoboken for your next project. It’s a safe and serene town with all the tranquility you need for premium creativity.

Still speaking of the environment, you should also consider what the inside of the recording studio feels like. Do you feel comfortable inside? When the recording artist is at ease, it helps creativity and performance.

Customer reviews

What are other people saying about the recording studio?  If you’re considering different Hoboken music studios and a name pops up, you should check their reviews. In particular, look out for the bad reviews in which the client explains what happened. If there are a lot of bad reviews, that’s a red flag.

Why Track Garden is the best Recording studio in Hoboken NJ

If you search for “recording studios near Hoboken NJ”, a number of results will pop up, including Track Garden Studio, which is the best of them all. Why is Track Garden Studio the best of the lot?

Top quality Equipment and team

At Track Garden Studio, we use only the best gear for your projects. Our major recording microphone for vocals is the legendary Neumann U87. You only find this mic in the best recording studios all over the world. This kind of dedication to quality is evident in every one of our equipment and instruments.

Value for money

If you book a session with Track Garden Studio, you’re in for a real treat. It’s a rare combination of affordability and premium quality service. All our recording, mixing and mastering engineers are Grammy standard professionals. With Track Garden, your next monster hit might just be a booing away.

Safety and Security

All your details, files and creative property are well secured with us. We give utmost priority to your privacy and safety. Aside from safeguarding your work, we have secure backups of your files that we can call up in any case of emergency.


Choosing the best recording studio in Hoboken, NJ or anywhere else isn’t easy. However, Track Garden Studios gives you everything you need in equipment, professionals and the perfect environment. Come, and let’s turn your creative ideas into reality.

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