How Much Does It Cost To Record An EP

how much does it cost to record an ep

How Much Does It Cost To Record An EP


To be short and simple in 2020, It takes little to no financial investment to record an Ep, You just need a mic, a laptop or pc, a decent daw, and you are done, ‘money-wise’ I was meticulous when I wrote “no financial investment”

In the 21st century, money is no longer a big factor that decides what you can and can’t do creatively. The situation was different around 30 years back where only a few people with some money in hand could record an Ep, but now if you have $100 and a good enough laptop or Pc you can record an Ep. The one thing there is no escaping is skills. Even though you can make little financial investment to make an Ep, you need to invest a lot of time honing your skills to a level where you can call them professional.

Things Needed to record an Ep

A decent mic that you can get for around 80-100 dollars, a laptop or Pc with at least an i3 and 4gb of ram, and software which allows you to add tracks and record your voice and you are ready to record your Ep. No! It’s not that simple, to record an Ep. 1st you have to be a decent singer or rapper, have good knowledge of how to use the software to record your instruments and voice, knowledge of at least 100 youtube videos discussing all the steps of recording a song, adding layers to your music, mixing, mastering, etc, etc. Or, if you have money, you can take help from some professionals and create a decent song. When it comes to making money from music this can work, but really if you want to make some meaningful music then you have to have at least some knowledge.

Recording an Ep for free

If you are passionate about all the aspects of music that is music production, singing, songwriting, mixing, and mastering. Great! You can go ahead and spend limitless time on honing your skills in all these spheres and if you like all these aspects of music it’s worth it, even though it takes ages to finally get on a level where you can record a professional sounding Ep, it’s worth it. But if you are just a singer or rapper, you can skip learning all this and spend all the time you have in honing your vocals, which is something that’s really advisable if you want to make a career in music. The time you would spend learning how to record, mix and master could be used to improve your voice. So it’s better to Focus on what you like about music and leave the rest to a professional who likes or knows the other aspects of music.

Taking Help from a Recording Studio and how much does it cost?

You can pick and choose different areas where you can take help, but for the ease of understanding, we will take you as a rapper, or Singer who just wants to sing or rap and wants to invest as much time as they can in this particular skill and wants to take help from other professionals in their skills. You can surely be involved in all the processes if you have an interest in them but have decided to focus on your particular favorite field of interest.

Booking a music studio can cost you anywhere from $50 to $500 an hour, usually, with music studios, it is not certain you will get what you paid for, as some studios may be using high-end gear and low-end people. It is advisable to have decent gear but high-end musicians and engineers in-studio to get a great recording. Now recording an Ep depends on how efficient you and the people in the music studio are. You can take a week to record a 5 song Ep or you can take a year to do the same, and accordingly, you will be charged. 

Bonus: It is advisable to have all your ideas ready before entering a studio that allows for better time management, saves you time, and also gives the people in-studio something to play with. However, if you are working with a producer you may need to come up with ideas together in the studio. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Record An EP in New Jersey