How to set up a home recording studio?

home recording studio
A professional music artist needs basic facilities to produce his or her album.  These basic facilities include the complete setup of a home recording studio. Hiring a recording studio can come with a large cost, but can also improve your overall sound and save time. We have to believe the fact that a professional recording studio is better than a home recording studio as it includes professional engineers and other components that help you in mixing and song production. Sometimes, music artists purchase basic equipment and start recording at their homes. It is more comfortable as you can sing and listen to your voice alone. Apart from that, it boosts confidence and helps you perform better at the big stage. However, we can set up a home recording studio if we have all the required equipment. In this article, we will highlight all the steps needed to make a home recording studio. home recording studio

What is a home recording studio?

A home recording studio is completely different from the professional studios. At home, you just need basic instruments such as a microphone to start recording your vocals. For professional mixing, you still need to do either remote mixing or hire engineers physically.

How to set up a home recording studio?

Do you want to set up your recording studio at home? Especially in coronaviruses season, you can’t travel to recording studios for professional recording or mixing. To increase the ease and keep yourself on the safe side, you have the option of the home recording studio. Here are step-by-step instructions to set up a recording studio at home.

Purchase recording studio equipment:

The first step is to purchase the professional tools that can help you record your first song at home. Here is some of the home recording studio equipment required.


High-quality microphones reduce the background noises and boost your voice. With little techniques, you can practice and start singing to record your first music. microphone


The computer can help you run multiple functions regarding the editing of your recorded song. Apart from that, it serves multiple jobs such as storing backups and edited versions. computer


If you are a professional engineer or have some basic skills in using Digital Audio Workstation, you can download pros tools or logic pro as a DAW. It will help you mix the song professionally.

Studio monitors:

Studio monitors will help you determine the voice while recording or mixing in the home recording studio.


If you get distracted with even a little voice, you must try some methods to prevent disturbance. Why not try headphones that will help you focus on singing? Professional singers usually have headphones that make them concentrate on the song and produce quality vocals.   headphones

Choose an effective Room:

While recording your voice, have you ever experienced noises? Where do these noises come from? Usually, it is reflections in the room that produces extra noise when you speak. However, there is equipment that can reduce the noise in a room. However, it is better to select the room that has little to no reflection or outside noise.

Setup all equipment:

Once you have tested the room and made sure it works as per expectations, Now select a location for each piece of equipment you have purchased. Measure the diameter of the room you allocated and consider the best place for each piece. This step is essential because room rattle, reflections and natural reverb in the room can distract you from the true sound of your recording.

Practice Recording:

After setting up all the equipment, review the place and quality of every instrument by trying it. If there is noise while testing, change the room or purchase a noise reducing system.

Final Words:

How set up your home recording studio? During recording sessions, you have to be more focused and comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, you may not sound as good as you can. Moreover, do some practice and warm-ups that will help you activate your vocal card muscles and generate energy for singing. If you don’t know about mixing, you can hire professional engineers at Track Garden Studio NJ that offer you remote mixing as well.
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