How to start writing a rap song? 5 Experts’ Tips

how to start writing a rap song

Looking for a guide on “how to start writing a rap song?” No worries. I can help you with some tips and come up with effective solutions. It is often problematic for beginners to come up with ideas about rap songs. Have you ever listened to a rap song? Maybe yes. Are not they charming? They sound different from usual types of songs. Nowadays, rap songs are mixed with other types of songs. You know, why? Because the whole song changes the level of attention of the listeners and entertains them in a better way. In this article, we will have a quick guide on how to start writing a rap song.

What is a rap song?

A rap song is quite different. In rapping, the usual speeches with rhyming words are converted to the musical form and given a name as a rap song. They sound more interesting and attract the listeners. how to start writing a rap song

How to start writing a rap song?

Are you a writer? Maybe you want to write a rap song. Have you written other types of songs before? If yes, remember, this is going to be an atypical task. So, understand all the aspects and come up with a better decision to write a rap song. Here we will discuss the tips to follow for writing a rap song.

Come up with random ideas:

Before writing a rap song, you might be having some ideas in mind. Maybe something more interesting could be written. Decide on the topic and make sure you can write on it. If you can, move ahead and write whatever comes to your mind. This can be an arrhythmic song but no worries. You just need to jot it down and arrange it later on. I want to share something with you. Never feel that you can’t write or you are not good at it. At least, write something that comes from your heart. Something great!

Learn the structure of Rap song:

Don’t know what to write or how to write? No problem. Why not come up with a better suggestion? First, learn, then write, and finally, publish. Always follow this strategy. If you don’t know the exact pattern of verses, how can you write? Go through some famous rap songs and analyze their structure. You can find a specific pattern upon which the writer might be working.

Write the lyrics:

Got the structure? Now, move ahead to the next step. Write the lyrics. Quite a simple process. If you understand what you have written, it will no longer be difficult to come up with the lyrics. Every rap song has lyrics that add beauty to it. Makes it more interesting for the audience.

Arrange your words and rewrite:

Maybe some words are not rhymes. They might not be adding meaning to the verse. Cut them down and rewrite some verses. To make the complete rap song, you need to do this as well. Sometimes, you need to write the whole song again. This happens when your ideas are perfect but words are not matching. So, rewrite the verses and try to convert them into rap songs.

Sing in your voice:

Everything seems perfect? Not yet. Writing is always different from singing. If you are a rap singer, great! Why not give it a try? Sing in your voice. It has two advantages.
  • Makes sure written rap is perfect
  • Improves your vocals
This practice is going to be very helpful in every aspect. Not only you can come up with better but also understand whether lyrics match the song or not.

Share it with others:

Fun activity! Sharing has many benefits. For example, others can point out the verses you are lacking. Even you can give a try to the song in front of them. They will tell how you are gonna rock with this rap. Got it?

Final Thoughts:

Got the guide on how to start writing a rap song? Maybe I am lacking in some points. If you think you can come up with better ideas, just go for it. The learning process is never-ending. You have to be innovative in writing rap songs or making decisions to do so.
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