How To Write a Rap Song – 8 New Steps to be great

how to write a rap song

How To Write A Rap Song

How to write a rap song? The most popular genre of music in the past few years has been Hip-Hop and love for the genre is constantly growing. 

If you look at the recent trends you will notice that the competition has become fierce, hard and most of the songs rising to the top are the hip hop ones. This clearly proves just how much popular rap songs are and are being loved. 

If you are one of those who really love listening or writing these tracks then here are a few important handful tips which might be useful for you when it comes to the question how to write a rap song. 

Dig into the listening mode 

Your journey must commence by listening. If you want to switch from being just a fan of music to creating one then you should actively listen to the tracks and understand them deeply. 

When you are writing rap song lyrics, chances are you must have listened to a lot of hip-hop tracks but you should try listening to different other tracks as well. You should explore more before you start creating a version of your own. 

Understand and learn the song structure 

As a musician it is important to understand that music is an art. 

Learn, read as much as you can, and understand the lyrics. You will be able to understand the context in which they have been written. If you are a beginner then understand the basics of the music, different parts of the song, notes, etc. 

Have a theme 

Have a theme in mind and decide what you want to talk about. As a mindful exercise, just pen down your thoughts and understand what topic or idea attracts you. Once you are done with it, then decide about writing something substantial. 

Pen down the ideas for your lyrics 

Takedown your idea and put it in writing. It is not easy as it seems as you will have to go back and forth when it comes to writing. Just put down and take note of everything that comes to your mind. 

During these brainstorming sessions, you will realize, some relevant parts slowly coming into existence. So whether it is a complete chorus or a small part just take note of it. These all can be compiled later. 

Arrange and rearrange your songs 

This is an important part of the songwriting process. Collate the ideas and the lyrics you have jotted down. While you are rearranging them you will notice new ideas may crop in. 

Arranging the lyrics is one of the most energizing and at times a frustrating experience. 

Put down your words 

Once you are done with the rearranging part, you should have the lyrics right in place. You can create options and see which works best for you. Choose the beats that you feel are right not just to your ears but to your heart as well. 

It should set perfectly with the tone of the song and should be a perfect match. 

Structure your song 

Now you have to put up your lines together into verses and chorus sections. You need to have different sections. However, as a standard most of the songs are structured like the following


Verse 1 

Pre-Chorus (if required) 

Chorus 1 

Verse 2 

Pre Chorus (if required) 

Chorus 2 


Chorus 3 


– Keep editing 

Once you think you are done with the preparation of the first draft make sure to cross-check if anything is still missing, When you feel you have a solid track ready then you may go ahead and record the same with a professional recording studio. 

Rap songs today! 

Today, rap songs are more about the vibes and the flow they set in and the most important of all being the melody. Melody is what makes the music catchy and draws people’s ears. 

Rap for beginners 

When you are trying to write a rap song, you need to understand where you want to focus on lyrics, vibes, or both. Once you are done with your song go ahead and feel free to take several takes. As a beginner don’t be afraid to give it a shot. 

You never know you may come up with the best rap song version right in the beginning. 

Get your recordings done at a reliable professional recording studio in New Jersey. Track Garden can help you record the finest version of the rap song. We have one of the best teams of experts available to assist you in recording of song, mixing and mastering services & lots more. 

Just remember, keep writing and you will master the art of bringing up the best lyrics and music. And of course you will develop the art of perfecting a song.


How to write a rap song

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