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music network

Music Network

Networking is not something new, especially when it comes to the music industry. Musicians all over the world are taking benefit of technology these days to network, promote their music, and reach out to their fans. 

As per research, it is believed that one’s who leverage their network while doing business have greater odds of success than others. It is kind of obvious, the more people you will connect with, the more you will learn and it is more likely that you will be successful in your deal. This is henceforth applicable in all industries and the music industry is no exception. 

With help of technology, networking has become easier than ever. It often occurs in different ways- from musician to fans, musicians to press, musician to promoters. 

With the increasing popularity of various social media platforms, it has now become easier for musicians to network and interact with everyone. Networking today is different from traditional means. 

Traditional medium 

Gone are the days when musicians had to work hard to network with other musicians, artists, producers, fans, and a lot more. 

● Those were the days when they had to put up the flyers in the local music shop or stores, venues to find new gigs. A lot of effort used to go into the promotions due to the no support of networking platforms. 

● Interactions used to take place at the local events in the city at the basic level. It used to involve communicating and attending gigs with bands, promoters. 

Why is networking valuable? 

Importance of networking in the music industry 

● Building up your own network of bands, musicians, promoters, and producers is valuable as you can leverage your network while you are planning to execute any of your projects. 

● You can leverage other people’s skills, knowledge, and experience which can be a win-win for both of you. 

Traditional mediums have been taken over by technology. And now people love to connect online using different platforms. 

● Social media platforms 

Music networking through Facebook and other accounts. 

● Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and numerous relevant music groups. Here you can interact with the community members, take part in the conversations, and lots more. 

● Online forums 

Music networking online– There are different forums for bands and music creators that allow them to upload their track and earn credits. With chat functionalities, they also provide support for members to communicate with each other online. 

● Various music networking apps and websites have been launched to provide a single platform for all stakeholders in the industry. 

When you are thinking about music networking, just keep in mind a few things- 

● Make use of all the possible resources of the network. 

● Don’t be close-minded and take into account ideas from others around who are part of your band or community. 

● Be yourself, don’t overshadow your potential and talent. 

● Do your research work 

Just remember confidence is the key when you are networking. So before you plan to attend any event, try to do some homework and research. Find out the business opportunities and understand their background in detail. 

● Practice your pitch 

If you get a chance to get in touch with any label you would want to license your work then you need to be prepared. For example- if you are trying to promote something then you should be ready with promotional material or some samples. 

● Provide an intimation in advance 

When attending large events, make sure to drop an email just to introduce yourself to the one who is attending and you would like to meet. 

● Follow up 

The most important part of networking is following up. This happens the very next day so make sure you diligently address all your contacts the next day. 

Changes in Networking in the Music Industry 

With COVID-19, not only our lives have been affected but there isn’t a single business that has not been changed in terms of operations. And the music industry is no exception. With pandemic, there have been no live concerts likewise the industry is still thriving on how to revive the revenues. 

More innovations and ideas are being incorporated to provide great opportunities for businesses and music networking. So to bring the industry closer without actually bringing them physically together. Though it won’t be easy the music industry has this unique opportunity to shift its business to ensure growing revenues and healthy business for years to come. 

To successfully network in the music industry you must put in a lot of hard work to maintain a high level of networking. It is not difficult to network after all it is all about reaching people who have a similar passion as yours. 

In the music industry, it is very important to network with fellow musicians or music lovers to put together great work. It will become even easier if you are in touch with the right people and at the right avenues. 

Music Network

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