Stop paying NYC Recording Studio Rates 50-100% Higher

NYC Recording Studio Rates

NYC Recording Studio Rates

If you are planning to record your new track then your choice for picking up a studio can be dependent on various factors. For instance- location, technology, and even costs associated with the studio rates. NYC recording studio rates are very high due to increased rents.

Whether you are a solo artist or a band looking to record, you might wonder how much the music studios would cost. However, there is no specific fix answer to it as the costs can vary amongst the studios as they offer a wide range of rates. The bigger question to consider is how can you get a studio which offers reasonable costs yet delivers quality results?

Since there are going to be numerous takes and recordings, you will definitely need a support system where you can derive quality cost-efficiently.

Whether you agree or not, but pricing is one of the major considerations especially when you are new in the industry and are looking up to record your first track. Recording sessions can be expensive, especially based on the location where you are planning to record. For instance recording sessions in NYC are higher than in New Jersey recording studios. In fact, NYC recording studio rates can be double than that of New Jersey.

If you compare New Jersey and NYC then you will notice then NYC has higher real estate prices which leads to higher rents. On the other hand, New Jersey is being considered as an alternative to NYC given its reasonable pricing, excellent transportation system with 24 hours shuttle, and a lot more. New Jersey is being considered as an option due to lower rents offering cheaper life, economical transportation rates and still offering quality life just like NYC.

With a wide range of interstate transportation available, reaching your destination is very cost-effective. With the convenience of path trains, buses can travel within or around the city.

An important point to consider is that most music studios charge based on hourly pricing. In music hotbeds like NYC, Los Angeles this rate can go even higher. So while choosing a studio consider not only the pricing but also the quality.

To help you save with the pricing you can follow a few basic things like-

● Practice, practice, and just practice. Instead of wasting your precious hours in the studio take out time for practicing at home. And when you think that you are ready to perform like a professional then go ahead with your recording plans.

● Recording your tracks at home, then bringing them up at the studio for mixing and mastering.

New Jersey recording studios

If you are looking for quality tracks with amazing yet cost-effective pricing then Track Garden studio is for you. Based in New Jersey with more than a decade of experience, we can help you deliver your dream project cost-effectively. We are conveniently located in Union City, NJ, 1 mile outside the Lincoln Tunnel.

We are proudly associated with amazing talents in the industry and with the world-class technology at our disposal we have been offering excellent opportunities in the industry. Booking with us will never be a tedious process instead you can avail an amazing discount of 15% by booking slots of 12 hours with us.

The best thing about recording at a New Jersey track garden studio is that you will get more exposure and you won’t pay a lot for your studio time.

Give wings to your passions and dreams by choosing the best in class, state-of-the-art technology equipped studio. The best recording studio in New Jersey with experience, commitment, and quality deliverables.

NYC Recording Studio Rates

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