How to publish music on itunes?

publish music on itunes

Do you want to publish music on iTunes? The world is not what it was hundred years ago. We have machines, technology, and even robots to resolve our problems. A simple mathematical ratio can be evaluated from the devices. Quite awesome. This is a world of illusions where someone can get entertainment after tiresome work. Hundreds of devices out there can make you entertained. I mean music. Do you listen to music? I suppose you do because everyone does at some point in life. Who are your favorite singers? Whom do you follow on Instagram? These are just simple questions one can ask you. Sometimes, we develop an interest. Why not be a music artist? Why should we not publish our music? This is something we are going to discuss in this article. publish music on itunes

What is iTunes?

I believe you know the answer. iTunes is a music resource for Apple users. On Apple devices, you can access iTunes and listen to music. If you are a creator, it is a great resource to publish your music and get a huge fan following. Let’s have a look at how exactly you can get your music on iTunes.

How to publish music on iTunes?

Getting music on Spotify or iTunes is not straightforward. You need to have a music publication distributors who will do all the tasks for you. You just need to submit your music to your distributor, and they will submit it to iTunes. Whatever your music distributor is, here is the exact guide to publishing music on iTunes.


Before publishing the music, you must have the tools to publish. Quality tools. For this purpose, you can hire our professional recording studio TrackGardenStudio for effective music recording. For self-recording, you can purchase some great software and tools like microphones, etc. You can follow whatever method you like. Home recording studio might cost you more because of purchasing expensive music tools. Moreover, you need to hire a professional music engineer as well. So, I would recommend the second way to go with for this purpose.


Once you are satisfied with the quality of the music, you can move ahead to publishing instructions. Here is the exact method through which you can publish music on iTunes.
  • Sign up on your music publishing distributor.
  • Select the type of music such as album or single you want to release on iTunes.
  • Upload your music with the cover art that will represent your music on iTunes.
  • If you are the sole contributor, you can add yourself. Otherwise, select the contributor for your music.
  • Once the distributor approves the music, it will be published on iTunes.
  • You can get the reports later on.


All done. One last step and an important one. Promotion of your music is quite essential. We all know millions of people use iTunes but still, we need to promote our music to get more people to listen to music. This way will give better results and bring expected outcomes.

How much does it cost you to get music on iTunes?

Are you worried about how much you need to pay? In actuality, iTunes doesn’t charge for publishing the music. Distributors charge you for the music. By that means, direct publishing of music on iTunes is free but publishing through distributors can cost you. Different music distribution companies charge you differently. Some will charge you per month while others per music release. So, you can publish music on iTunes for free.

Do you earn money by publishing music on iTunes?

Either Spotify or iTunes, you get a decent amount for contributing to the music. The number of views and downloads determines how much you can earn. Some publishing distributors give you royalties for every dollar earned.

Final Words:

You got a guide to publish music on iTunes? Maybe you already know all the steps. I would like you to focus on all the steps as these are quite important and ensure your success in making a huge number of followers. Always remember, the music industry is quite competitive. Only quality music and hard-working singers will survive. So, focus on music recording and publishing steps.
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