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Music Producer vs. Beatmaker

Nowadays Music Producer is a term that is casually used to describe many aspects of music, but in its a wide sense a music producer looks at a varied range of things that make a song or album, These aspects can include but are not limited to a choice of musician, choice of instrument, where these instruments will be placed, how the instruments are played and how the notes are sung or how a rap verse is delivered. In other words, a music producer is a director of a song that manifests a vision that’s in someone’s head or their own head into life.

A music producer is vital in making a song or an album, So having a music producer by your side is very crucial. If you can afford one it’s definitely a good investment, having a professional music producer by your side can change the whole quality of music, with their years of experience they can give your vision a life, give you valuable insights into the music industry, etc.

There are several differences. A beatmaker sends you the beat and all creative decisions are on you the artist.

A professional music producer is like a partner in the creation of a song. Putting 2 (or more) heads together is powerful and throughout history, has produced some of the world’s biggest hits! Some artists tend to feel like they must do everything themselves. This is the wrong mindset. Instead, you should look to team up with the right producers and writers to achieve greatness. Here is an example: Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars has 11 listed songwriters and 3 producers. wikipedia

Hiring a good music producer is not cheap, making music is an extensive process involving hours of labor. The cost varies with geography, In the US hiring a high-end music producer can cost you anywhere from $2000 – Sky is the limit, for real. As music stretches the boundaries of one’s vision so does the cost involved in making it.

Final Thoughts

If you are a band or an artist looking to get their first Ep or album made, A music producer can be the best investment you can make, and also should be the first investment you make. For one, maybe a music producer is the only person you needed for a lot of the aspects you were worried you would have to invest more in, moreover, a music producer can actually guide you better and give you a personalized suggestion to where to spend your money on and which areas are actually worth it.

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