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There are thousands of extremely talented people just like you aspiring to be a musician, rapper, and a lot more. We believe in your talent and ideas about music & we agree with the challenges you have often faced to access the professionals to have them recorded and share them with the world.

But the good news is, we are in an era where we have access to abundant technologies that are easily accessible allowing you to get your pieces recorded and launched in the nick of time.

Yes, all your aspirations would definitely be true. Welcome to Track Garden studio, the best Union City NJ recording studio- an ideal studio for your next track recording session.


As an artist you are constantly involved in several activities like writing, playing, and scheduling. With the experience of over more than a decade, our team ensures the seamless execution of your project. At Track Garden, we believe every project is important and has a lot of emotions & hard work associated which deserves respect and must be treated with love and priority.

For over 12 years, we have earned the reputation as one of the best recording studios and a lot of talented artists have trusted us to help them achieve their vision.

Our Clients

Operating since 2008...we have worked with hundreds of artists

We are proud to have been associated with some of the most amazing talents and our clients include-

Touch to see

Lil Wayne, HBO, Styles P, The Lox, Diddy, Tony Moxberg, NFL, Snoopy Dinero, JoPaul, Allure, JoJee, Jane XO, Mastercard, Delta, Zombie on the track, Trinidad James, Onhel, Philadelphia Eagles, J.Littles, YVSConan, Mally Stacks, Mic Ruiz, Skinnyfromthe9

and many more
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Union City NJ Recording Studio

Preparing for your recording studio session with Track Garden

We are equipped with world-class technology and instruments and we offer our clients excellent opportunities to make competitive recordings.

We would advise you to take complete advantage of the studio time, therefore we recommend all our clients to practice and prepare for the session in advance. We suggest the client’s practice and prepare for the session to maximize and fully utilize their time as well as the budget. The less prepared you are the more time you would need on take’s and editing.

The more prepared you are the more value you will be able to drive from your session. We will guide you with the recording process to help you understand in detail.

Why choose Track Garden - Union City NJ Recording Studio?

Professionally Sound and Reliable

The team that thoroughly understands your music

A unique approach to individual projects

Readily available to assist you with last-minute changes

We are based out of New Jersey and NYC & our recording studio is in Union City, NJ, 1 mile outside of Times Square and the Lincoln Tunnel. We are specialized in assisting you with the recording of vocals, music production, mixing, and mastering. At Track Garden, we offer you competitive pricing which helps you not only save but also preserve the quality. Our studio is fully equipped with top-notch recording equipment that helps you achieve the finest quality recording that is mixed and mastered as per the industry standards.


Our Recording Studio Process

Not every individual will have similar requirements, henceforth at Track garden, the recording process is tailored as per the needs and goals of the client depending upon the style of music.

Based on the requirements, we can record the entire group together or individually. Generally, the recording session is a combination of these two methods. We can either record the basics of your track first.

We can then overdub them with different elements individually. Then they all are blended through mixing and are sent off for mastering to produce the final sound of the track.

With our intent to provide quality services we offer our clients a calm, relaxed, and comfortable environment. Our guests can simply enjoy our premises with big screen tv, free wifi access, microwave, and mini-fridge. The packages we offer are available on both hourly as well as a daily basis.

We do also provide assistance through professional recording engineers but if you have your engineer we can provide you with assistance. Bookings for a minimum of 3 hours are required for hourly sessions and daily sessions can be booked for the slots of 12 hours where we also offer an amazing 15% discount.

Our team will be able to provide you the basic balanced mix of the tracks you have recorded the very same day. We also offer recording clients with a 20% discount on mixing and mastering services.

So whether you are recording your song from scratch or rapping, our friendly team will be able to advise and guide you from start till the finish so that you can achieve the finest quality.

Don’t compromise on your dream music and choose the best by working with one of the best recording studios in New Jersey.

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