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Professional Music Recording Studio Equipment List

Must haves of a professional music recording studio!

Track Garden is one of the best and renowned music recording studios designed and built with unique state-of-the-art infrastructure & facilities. Our studio offers one of the best collections of equipment which have been meticulously selected. To give new meaning to your tracks, we have carefully selected these pieces that help in delivering outstanding quality.

Track garden is a one-of-its-kind premium music recording studio with a fresh approach to creating amazing music with the best musicians, singers, and an excellent team of engineers.

Here we bring to you the list of studio equipment that gives a professional touch to your dream music and is an integral part of any professional recording studio.

  • High-end computers

Apple computers are considered the gold standard in the recording industry but over the years PCs have become quite popular with most professionals. The computer utilized should be fully loaded with audio software and DAW’s.

Professional recording studio should offer access to DAW i.e. Digital Audio Workstation that is the primary recording software used during recording or production. Because DAW’s software can be hard on the processing resources therefore making full use of its features requires a fast blazing computer. Typically, it includes Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, and FL Studio.

  • Audio Converter

The next piece of gear which is the most important during the recording process is the audio converter. Track Garden, being one of the professional recording studios in New Jersey offers a high-quality professional audio converter to accommodate vocals. Some of the best audio converters like Apogee, Universal Audio, or Protools are regarded as the reference standard in the audio industry. Each one of these has several models with different features such as inputs/outputs and connectivity options.

  • Microphone, Booth, Pre-Amp & Compressor

Microphone, booth, pre-amp, and compressor are the next important equipment which should essentially be present in a professional recording studio. A high-quality microphone is needed to capture vocals and they come with different pricing ranging from USD 1000 to USD 10,000. Some of the renowned microphone brands are Telefunken, Neumann, or AKG.

A professional vocal booth also captures great vocals. Some of them are customized and built as per the studio room. Companies like build excellent vocal booths. A high-quality gold tip wire from the mic should be running directly to a microphone pre-amp and compressor. You can look for brands from Universal Audio, Manley, SSL, API, and Avalon. Any of these brands won’t disappoint you as they are the best in the niche.

  • Audio Monitors

For audio playback, professional studios in New Jersey will be equipped with high-quality best studio monitors. These monitors are designed to be flat and accurate. They have been designed to be flat so that the engineers can hear a mix as truly as it is, so that if there are any flaws also they can be adjusted easily. Hearing music through overly bassy or Trembley speakers are not good because this is not the true sound. A reliable system should provide you the most accurate, uncolored representation of your music. Popular monitors these days are Dynaudio, Yamaha, JBL, and Focal. You will also likely see 2 sets of monitors so the engineers can A/B between the 2 sets.

  • Instruments

Professional music recording studio offers another set of common instruments which include- keyboards, guitars, drums, and percussive pieces.

These instruments can help you generate or create all the sounds you need through software.

Another essential aspect while recording is to have a pro-level studio room in itself. It should be thoroughly treated acoustically with help of diffusers to help soundproof. These diffusers help the room to sound flat so that the engineers can hear the true sonics in the vocals which can further help in identifying the gaps. 

  • Amenities

While working on your dreams to deliver exceptional and classy music, recording studios often provide you with the amenities and a comfortable ambiance. Depending upon the location of the studio and size of the facility, studios can accommodate facilities like pool tables, seating lounge equipped with wifi access, refrigerator, microwave, air conditioner, parking, and a vending machine.

  • Audio Engineer

An audio technician or an engineer is a must-have in any professional recording studio as he is instrumental in the technical aspects of the sounds during recording, mixing & mastering session, and reproduction. An audio engineer can therefore break or make your session. Therefore, it is important to have a knowledgeable and reliable audio engineer who is quick and has the ability to multitask. A professional audio engineer can help you do wonders on your music through their technical know-how and expertise.

Below is a list of our studio equipment list. If you require hardware or software that is not in the list below, please let us know.

Professional Recording Studios In New Jersey


Professional Recording Studios In New Jersey


Mic: Neumann u87
Pre Amp: Universal Audio 610
Compressor: Universal Audio 1176
Converter: Universal Audio Apollo 8
Monitor Control: Dangerous Music D-Box
Playback Monitors: Dynaudio LYD 48 
DJ Speakers: JBL EON615
Computer: Mac Pro
Vocal Booth: Gold Series
Wires: Mogami Gold Series
Headphones: Sennheiser HD 280
3 Large Viewing Monitors
Korg M3 61 Key
Yamaha Motif 73 Key
Universal Audio
Slate Digital

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