How to Submit Music to A&R? Some Awesome tips

submit music to A&R

Are you a musician trying to submit music to A&R and get their attention? If yes, here are some tips to craft your music and make it more unique. Nowadays, most people are struggling to pursue their career as a musician. This creates a competitive environment for new musicians having a lot of qualities in this field. However, you have various methods to publish your music on online websites. But, during all this, what matters is the visibility of that music to numerous people. If you get access to millions of people, there are maximum chances for your reputation.

For this purpose, you need to submit music to A&R who will analyze it and publish it accordingly. Sometimes, record labels have hundreds of requests for publishing music. In such a case, they might neglect your music and don’t give you a chance to prove your abilities. In this article, we have crafted some techniques to get the attention of A&R.

submit music to A&R

What do you need to submit music to an A&R?

Have you ever researched about publishing companies?  If you go through the internet, there are numerous publishing companies. Before submitting your music, you need to know more about the company. Once you are ready to submit music to the A&R of a publishing company, you should know about the following details to provide.

  • Your name with some other necessary details such as contact number etc.
  • Background history of your career in the music industry.
  • Include details such as why do you love music or how much do you adore music?
  • Your social media profile through which the company can approach.
  • You can add a link to your Spotify or Youtube channel in this regard to let them know about your fans.
  • Apart from it, you can add your top music videos for which you feel proud.

To find out the contact information of A&R, you do some research from the internet. There are multiple websites from the famous publishing companies for this purpose. Apart from it, you can try LinkedIn or other social media accounts to get the number.

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Tips to submit music to A&R:

A&R can make sure publishing of your music under the trademark of a record label. You need to have some skills that will differentiate you from others in the competition. Having something special can catch the eye of an A&R. Here are some tips for this purpose.

Focus on Quality:

Quality matters a lot in every field of life. Without quality work, it becomes difficult to pursue your career and boost progress. Especially when you are a beginner, you need to know what to produce and what not to. People want something exciting that convinces them to listen to the music. Because you have to persuade the A&R component of record labels, you should know what they expect from musicians.

A heavy competition among musicians can make the choice more selective for any A&R. They need to differentiate the candidates based on their quality. If you offer quality music, you can be their next choice. So, the first technique is to focus on the quality of music.

Have a strong social media profile:

A strong social media profile is a powerful source to show an A&R you have diehard fans. Where do you upload your music videos? Spotify or Youtube are usually top social media sites for singers or other musicians to show their talents. They directly interact with their fans and get their feedback on their recent music videos. Having a strong profile can be a great source for your success.

So, if you are serious about your career, try to build a strong social profile. The more fans and engagement you will have, the more chances you possess to win the competition. Most music artists try to start their Youtube Channel and upload their quality music videos. It attracts people, and they eventually subscribe to the channel and stay tuned to upcoming videos.

Present details in a creative manner :

Creativity can help you to submit music to an A&R. If you can creatively explain the details, an A&R will learn more about your experience. A&R’s wants to uncover the hidden talents and give them a chance to prove their skills in the music industry. It can be the right choice for you as well. For this purpose, you can optimize your social media profile or website where you upload your videos. If you have plans for them, you can let them know. It will help them test your skills.

Final Thoughts:

A quick overview to submit music to an A&R can help you get some top tips. You need to focus on multiple aspects of your presentation and deliver them. If you are confused about top publishing companies, you can go through the internet and make a list. It will help you follow a step by step strategy to submit music to A&R.

Submit music to a&r

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