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Weehawken Professional Recording Studio

With the recent technological advancement and more prominence in home studio setups, it seems the need for a professional studio is declining. But do you agree with this? Are professional recording studios no longer relevant in our world?

In our world today, the trend in music is taking a huge leap and we can say that it is a part of our lives that mean so much, appealing to our emotions and experiences. However, sound/music production is not hinged on just sonorous voices but is a perfect mix of talent, voice, lyrics, instrumental/technical expertise, and professionalism.



Why choose a professional music studio?

While it is possible to make audio recordings from the comfort of your home, a professional Weehawken recording studio like the Track Garden Studio stands out tall due to its proficiency, professionalism, and use of advanced equipment and installations.

With a professional recording studio like the Track Garden Studio in Weehawken, you enjoy topnotch equipment and installations, even consultation from professional technicians who have been trained to critically analyze, make, produce and mix sounds to produce an excellent result. Usually, the professional studio is in a great and comfy location just as is seen in the Track Garden Studio.

Weehawken Recording Studio

What our clients our saying...


How is the Home Studio different from the Professional Recording Studio?

The environment in which a studio is located matters so much. Music requires the right space that enhances its acoustic properties. Note that this property is not just in a quiet and serene environment, because the sound you record in your bedroom cannot be compared with that of a standard professional recording studio. Essentially, professional recording studios are sound proofed.

Most home studios are not totally equipped with gear sets and equipment. Relatively, the professional recording studio has harnessed enough wealth to buy expensive and multiple equipment. Therefore, the professional recording studio stands out and will help better than the home studio would.

Also, having listened to and recorded a thousand and one sounds, the professional recording studio has gathered enough experience and can provide excellent professional services and advice than you would get from the home studio. The input of an expert’s skill, gear sets and installment, and experience is enough to skyrocket your music from good to excellent.

Working along side another music professional

With professionals, the time and energy it takes to produce music in your home studio is reduced to the minimal. You are not clueless, being surrounded by hearty minds who are ready to help and make professional evaluations, and advices. Why not get help and insight from these gurus? Take the stress off you and allow a professionals handle your music. All of these and more are available at the Track Garden Weehawken recording studio.

Think about it, how many of the trending song tracks or albums were made, perfected and launched from a home studio? Artists at the peak of their career make use of professional recording studio.

What can we offer a recording artist?

Top-notch Equipment

You would expect high-quality sounds from a professional recording studio. The use and combination of high-end gear and equipment result in tremendous and high-quality sounds. Professional recording studios have and manage an arsenal of recording equipment that when put together, make up excellent sounds.

Interestingly, at Track Garden Recording Studio, we do not just have this equipment but we also meet your sincere needs, personalizing the gear set to suit you and your music style. Among other gears are the monitors, pre-mics, microphones, compressors, musical instruments, and headphones. Track Garden Studio in Weehawken allows you to test all musical instruments to get your chosen combination.

Improve your over-all sound


A professional recording studio is not just equipped with the right gear set but also with the right people who have been trained to do the job. People who have been trained to actively help you make great music are called Sound or Audio Engineers. You will agree that you need their expertise which is not available when using the home studio. With expert help comes expert production. Mastering all music trades can be quite overwhelming. It is better to get experts to help out with the work.


using great recording studios cost money, but this is why Track Garden Recording Weehawken Studio is your go-to studio. Here, you get so much value for less money. Our services include recording vocals, mixing and mastering, music, and vocal production. So while searching for the best recording studio in Weehawken, stop by at Track Garden Studio where you have access to expert service and advice, a perfectly conducive environment, and topnotch gears that suit you.

Weehawken Recording Studio

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