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Recording Studio NJ

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When it comes to the term "Recording Studio NJ", we've got you covered and are dedicated to your success. Track Garden is a unique location where artists come to create, track their vocals, and mix their records. Operating since 2008, we have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of artists, across dozens of genres and recorded thousands of songs. Our room is designed to inspire creativity and quality recordings. We offer the best recording experience by providing quality mix engineers, music producers, and songwriting services. Track Garden Studio is now offering remote online mixing and mastering services here on our website. You can count on us to make sure you sound polished and professional.

Recording Studio NJ

Recording Studio Rates at Track Garden

Professional Sound Recording Studio


Exclusive online price
$ 60/Hour
  • Every session includes Audio Engineer
  • Our minimum session is 3 hours
  • Book 12 hours and receive an additonal 15% off
15% off

Mixing & Mastering

Remote mixing services
From $199
  • Up to 25 mono vocal tracks
  • Work 100% Through Email
  • Includes up to 3 revisions
  • Delivered in WAV format
60% OFF

Original Production

Let's start from scratch and create together!
From $999
  • Original beat tailored for you
  • Music producer assistance
  • Includes all mixing and mastering
Pro pack
Track Garden Studio
Steps Involved In Audio Recording

Recording your piece of audio in a home studio may sound simple and straightforward enough. However, there is a lot of things that go into making a high-quality recording. 


Even though technology makes the process of recording and fine-tuning possible at home, there are several other steps involved, which require expertise and experience you won’t have. 


This is where the best recording studios prove their worth even in today’s tech-savvy world.

To understand how valuable a recording studio NJ like Track Garden can be, let’s first look at the steps typically involved in audio recording an album.

This is where you identify exactly what you want from your recording and accordingly come up with the lyrics, ideas, and melodies best suited to your original music production.

Sound design is about digging in deep and knowing your inspirations and influences and how you want to effectively incorporate them in your recording. Once you have narrowed down the sounds you want, it is time to record them in accordance with your preference.

Here, all the different pieces of recorded sounds, chorus, and pre-chorus, are arranged and blended to give a cohesive feel to the recording.

With all the background sound ready, it is now time to record the vocals.

In this phase you will want to revisit the production and make changes based on the song as a whole. 

The whole purpose of mixing is to get rid of unnecessary frequencies and create a cohesive sounding mix in the track. Mixing helps create a 3-dimensional track and involves fine-tuning the track until the optimal results are achieved.

This involves taking the audio mix and preparing it for final distribution. There are several steps involved in this process such as unifying the sound in the record, ensuring consistency across the album, and finally getting it ready for distribution across various media without compromising on the quality of the audio.

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    Why Choose Track Garden Studio?

    When you decide to use a recording studio’s services, you will benefit from its equipment, expertise and experience in every step of the process .

    Track Garden Studio specializes in all aspects of audio recording, including:

    Pre-Production, Sound Design and Recording, Arranging and Editing, And Vocals: In all these steps, at a music studio, you will benefit considerably from the experienced advice and expertise of a sound engineer and producer. A producer will help you find clarity in your idea, help you design the right sound for your audio, arrange and edit for optimal results, and finally, guide through your vocal performance to get the best out of you.

    Mastering and Mixing: The value of these two steps cannot be emphasized enough in helping make an album successful. Doing this at home, with no expertise in the field, is a far cry from having it done at a recording studio where you will have the job done by Mixing Engineers and Master Engineers, often in collaboration with the producer. Having new ears listen to your recording gives you the best chance of having a well-balanced final product. And having a professional master your recording ensures high-quality distribution of your finished product.

    A Great Space to Make Great Sounds:  A well equipped recording studio will offer great sound rooms, isolation booths, live rooms and control rooms to make the sound quality of your recording as pure as possible.  They offer modern equipment like a digital audio workstation, main monitor system, studio monitors and great sounding rooms to make a great audio or music recording.

    Audio recording has become possible to execute at home with all the relevant gear and equipment available in the market. However, a music production studio is still the go-to option for many budding artists and established names due to the experience, expertise, equipment, and support they provide.

    For creative professionals, there is nothing better than being able to focus on their craft with its technical aspects handled and improved by relevant professionals.

    Track Garden is one of the most professional recording studios in New Jersey you can trust to make your sound shine.

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