How to record vocals? Guide 2021

Want some guidance on how to record vocals? It can be a huge problem when you are a beginner. When you get used to it, it is nothing more than standing in front of the mic and singing. Great vocals can be god-gifted and compel the listeners to listen to the whole song. As we know, everyone doesn’t have a great voice. For better vocals, you have to learn different techniques and release your first album. The music industry is highly saturated due to numerous people trying to learn singing skills.
Apart from focusing on your voice, you must have proper recording apparatus and team. A great team can play a great role to mix the tone with the vocals and decide the time to release it. In this article, we will highlight step-by-step instructions on how to record vocals. Moreover, you will understand different phases of vocalization as well.
how to record vocals

What is vocal recording?

All types of voice recording including advertisement voice-overs or songs, fall under the category of vocal recording. But, in the music industry, the most common form is singing that is considered. Let’s move forward to our main topic of how to record vocals.

How to record vocals?

Here is a guide to record your first song.

Prepare yourself :

Recording your first song can be frustrating when you don’t know what to do and how things work. Be confident about the fact that you can sing better than others. Any type of confusion can lead to the ineffective recording of your vocals. Self-confidence is the first thing that matters when you are trying to sing. So, do some physical exercise to keep your muscles active and practice before actual recording. It will boost your inner peace and let you believe in yourself.

Set up your equipment:

There are multiple pieces of equipment needed if you are at the home. Especially in this season of coronaviruses, you have to record your vocals being at the home. While in other cases, you can hire a recording studio such as Track Garden Studio in the United States. However, either being at the home or in the recording studio, the second step is to set up your pieces of equipment and gather microphones.

Choose a suitable microphone :

Microphone has different types that determine the voice and other parameters necessary for the recording. You have to be aware of the perfect microphone for your voice. Usually, Neumann Brand produces high-quality condenser microphones and other relevant types. So, before moving forward to the recording session, make sure your recording microphone is exactly what you are looking for.

Use accurate recording techniques:

Apart from setting up all the pieces of equipment, you have to apply different recording techniques for this purpose. Be at the right distance from your microphone to prevent any case of noise. Choosing the right room to avoid interruptions from noise and other problems can be a great way to get your vocals recorded. Most beginners make slight mistakes in choosing the right system for their recording apparatus that leads to vocal recording with interrupted sounds. You have to choose the apparatus that is free from the flaws.

Record your first song :

This step can be the final step in our recording tutorial of how to record vocals. But, you can take it as a rehearsal if you want to check your voice as well. Implement your vocalization techniques to produce an excellent voice from your vocal cords. Once you have recorded your first song, ask the others to give feedback. If you find that your voice is mesmerizing and will engage more people, it is great otherwise, give it another try with different techniques.

Final Thoughts :

I hope you got the guide on how to record vocals. A quick overview of the whole can help you demonstrate the way to record your first sound. Especially when you are new and don’t know the ways to do it, hiring a recording studio can be effective. A recording studio contains a professional system for recording and mixing your songs.
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How to make your own TikTok sound?

Do you know how to make your own TikTok sound? Are you an influencer on TikTok? Tiktok is one of the most popular apps for creators nowadays. Billions of users and creators approach this platform to get recognition. Like Facebook or Youtube, it can be a treat for businesses to boost their business. As the music industry is highly competitive, you have to find effective sources where you can upload your videos. Spotify or Youtube can be a great way to start your channel and get fans. Similar to these sources, you can understand the basic concepts of TikTok and know how to make your own TikTok sound.
Do you know why we should approach TikTok as a platform for our music videos? Tiktok is a forum for the creators where millions of views are possible one day. With such a huge audience, you can target this resource and reach them within no time. In this article, we will highlight some points regarding how to make your own TikTok sound and possible ways to get maximum views.
How to make your own TikTok sound

How to make your own TikTok sound and upload it?

It can be a difficult job for beginners to get expertise in uploading videos on TikTok. You have to understand the multiple aspects of the video and audio. Recording can be a great component to boost the exposure of your video if done perfectly with a microphone. However, here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own TikTok sound and upload it.

Create your video:

Tiktok usually allows a short clip when compared to other resources such as Spotify or Youtube. In simple words, you can upload your complete music video on Youtube. If a user clicks on your video, he can either watch your complete video or a short overview to judge the quality of sound. On TikTok, you can do lip-syncing with the audio and run your song in the background. Most of the hit songs are usually found in the videos created by the creators.
To get the maximum exposure, you can record your short clips such as slow-motion videos or something like that. The video may be of 30 seconds or less. Once you have created your video, the next step is to do editing.

Synchronize your music:

Once your video is created and has no background voice. In case if it has background sound, you can edit it and remove it to add your music audio. Tiktok has a built-in system to edit and synchronize your audio. If you don’t want to do that, several tools are available for editing. Properly synchronize the audio with the video and check whether the video seems perfect or not.

Upload Video :

As already described, TikTok is a platform for short clips similar to Likee and SnackVideo. If your video is perfectly synchronized with your music, you can upload it to your TikTok account. TikTok promotes only those videos that have maximum user engagement and attract the users. The main purpose of TikTok is to entertain the users with quality videos. So, to get recommended by the TikTok, you have to make sure your video is entertaining.

Do marketing :

Everyone watches videos when it has perfect background music. To be a successful creator, you must have millions of followers. For beginners, it can be difficult to achieve such a huge audience. It is only possible if you have a proper marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram can be great ways to share your video links and get TikTok Followers. Try to share your video on this platform and get desired followers.

Final thoughts :

Have you got an overview of our guide on how to make your own TikTok sound? From my experience, people love to listen to sounds in the background more than the video if it is interesting. If you are a musician and want to defeat your competitors, TikTok can be a great forum to upload your music videos. After that, you can do marketing or run ads to get followers.
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How to get better at music? Guide 2021

Curious to learn about how to get better at music? Some people have the native ability to produce musical tones that attract anyone. But, in actuality, this is not the case with numerous others. Learning is a continuous process of improvement that helps you get through multiple stages to learn music and improve your skills. Someone who has the passion to learn music has optimum chances for getting improvements in his skills. Most beginners either don’t find interest at all or lose it while having training sessions. It leads to a lack of focus on the main topic, and they dive into other fields. So, before starting your career as a musician, you have to develop interests in your mind and follow the methods.
“How to get better at music?” is a question circulating in everyone’s mind especially for beginners. Due to high competition in the music industry, they have to concentrate on techniques, grasp them, and apply them in practical work. However, in this article, we will help you in “How to get better at music?” and discuss the basic techniques that can help you improve your musical skills.
how to get better at music

How to get better at music?

Here are some tips to get better at music.

Understand the basics of music:

Every field of life has some kind of foundation on which it relies and works. To understand the work, you need to apprehend what’s the basics. Most people fail in pursuing their career as a musician when they don’t reach the bottom of music. So, before moving forward to start your career, understand the basic meanings and principles on which music works.

Learn modern techniques:

Can you listen to a hundred years old song? All the songs in the 20th century are quite different from today’s. Like other fields, the music goes through the process of evolution with the improvement in the sound system and new techniques introduction. Even the tools being used nowadays, are not what they were in the 20th century. Technology has changed everything with time. As we are leaving in the technology world, we need to focus on what attracts people.
Rarely do people listen to old music however, it is a legacy from our ancestors. So, understand the psychology of the people and release your albums accordingly. It will help you increase the exposure of your music.

Collaborate with others :

Have you ever wondered why collaboration is impressive to get better at music? Try to communicate with other musicians what they’re doing and how they perceive different aspects of music. Maybe they know what you don’t. You can appreciate their ideas and learn them quickly to improve your music skills. It will help you increase your knowledge about the music industry and let you move forward in your career progressively.

Develop interest to learn :

Learning is an ongoing process that doesn’t stop the whole life. Everything gets modified with time and re-released in the market with a new mechanism. All old songs have new versions nowadays, being sung by modern singers to let people know about something interesting. Without interest, you can’t get things and become an expert. Progress depends upon your critical thinking skills that come with the interests. When you have some passion to learn the music, you integrate rules and devise new ideas.

Accept the criticism:

If you meet a group of few people, you will understand the fact that everyone has unique notions. Whenever a new song is released, some admire the singer for his efforts while others criticize him for not being able to attract them. Such critique can be helpful for you to detect some blunders and improve them in the future. So, it can be a positive way to listen to such people and overcome your mistakes.


None is so capable to get the things in the first time. To grasp the things, you have to practice things. When you try to understand things multiple times, your mind works efficiently and lets you understand the importance of different aspects. Your approach to the music does matter a lot that must be professional. Professionalism is only possible when you have practiced a lot.

Final Thoughts :

Have you reviewed our guide on how to get better at music? Due to the highly competitive environment, you need to learn new techniques and improve your skills. Your ultimate goal is to defeat your competitors and strengthen your position on the top. If you have essential skills for music, it can help you find a way to enhance your knack and highlight the important points. If, still, you have questions in your mind, comment down and let us help you in this regard.
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What does a music producer do? Guide 2021

Want to know what does a music producer do? A common question that is often asked by the number of people who are willing to learn it. However, before moving directly to our main point, we talk about the music industry and its structure today. The music industry is not what it was a hundred years ago. A lot of improvements have altered the whole mechanism for a recording studio. Manual efforts to record the music and create the video have become less. With hundreds of technical equipments, you need to just have a record your video and add effects.
Videos are now efficiently produced with several tools and DAWs. As there are numerous tools, the recording studio needs different components to handle the relevant task. One of the integral components of the music studio is the music producer. In this article, we will highlight who is a music producer and what does a music producer do? Let’s move to our main topic of music producer.
what does a music producer do

Who is a music producer?

An interesting fact about the music producer is that we can compare him to the video director or movie director to some extent. Both do almost the same job. A music producer of a recording studio is the leader who decides the timing of the studio and often involved in the production of the music. He monitors all the tasks and carries out the job instantly.

What does a music producer do?

Technically confusing questions that might mix with others’ jobs in the recording studio. We can consider the music producer as in in-charge of producing a music clip and publishing it to get more recognition among the people. The music producer leads the team with efficient ideas and directs them on how to work with the songs and record them. Apart from that, there are multiple other jobs that a music producer can do while carrying out his task. Some of the jobs handled by the music producer are elaborated on here.

Recording Engineer:

When the music producer acts as a recording engineer, he tutors the team on different aspects of recording and mixing the tracks. Perfectly mixed songs with timely maintained tones can be directed by the music producer.

Composers :

Being a director of the songs, a music producer can even write the song and produce a video.

Music Manager:

When a product works as a music manager, his work includes finding the right resources to produce the song. Resources may include hiring the right person or going through a list of musical instruments to publish a song effectively. Apart from that, for music promotional activities, the music manager can utilize the paid ways to do promotion.

Workplace of a music producer:

Do you know where the music producer sits? In the recording studio, the music producer is mainly concerned with recording the song and sit with the engineer in a timely eventing of a part of the music. In case of errors to record a song or if there is erratic mixing of a song with the music, there might be a failure to engage the people. The ultimate goal of a recording studio is to attract the people and compel them to watch your video.

What is the difference between a beatmaker and a music producer?

People may get confused between these two terms in the recording studio. Both are assumed to be the element of the recording studio and coordinate with each other to make the final output of songs more effective.
A beatmaker works with musical instruments and produces beats that are synchronized with the visuals of the video. It is a specific job for the beatmaker. A recording producer might guide him through the job.
A recording producer is a broad term. The producer acts as a leader of the project and gives a briefing on the different types of things.

Final Thoughts :

Have you reviewed our guide on what does a music producer do? If yes, you should know about the recording producers and their working mechanism. Most beginners want to work in the recording studio as a music producer and ask such questions. As the term indicate, the guidelines and other relevant task is the job of music producer. Comment down if you have any questions regarding this topic of what does a music producer do?
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Tops 5 essential instruments to learn to play an instrument

Do you want to know how to learn to play an instrument? It is not an easy task to do especially for beginners. They remain confused among multiple instruments what to choose and how to choose. A century ago, musical instruments were not so flexible and easy to use. With the advancement in technology, you have multiple instruments with a variety of features available for the musicians. As the music industry is quite saturated, you need to learn the different aspects of the instruments and select the best one. More knowledge will help you learn to play an instrument more effectively.
Do you find it difficult to choose an instrument when going through a variety of different tools for music? If yes, there is no need to worry about it anymore. We have written this article to help you get through multiple issues, you might encounter during your journey to learn to play an instrument. In this article, you will have an overview of different instruments, and which one is quite comfortable for you.

What are the Best instruments in 2021?

While researching to learn to play an instrument, you might have come across several instruments. Maybe they were not the best fit for your task or may not be according to your taste. However, here are some of the top instruments of today.

Keyboard Piano :

Piano is one of the most used and popular instruments for music among musicians. Want to know why everyone loves it? It is not quite difficult to estimate it based on the number of features and accessibility. With several features, you can understand multiple functionality and try it by buying this tool.
learn to play an instrument

Guitars :

Have you heard the name of the guitar? Nowadays, everyone is familiar with this tool for music. Even some beginners try to learn to play an instrument. One of those instruments to start with is the guitar. You should have to understand the basic working mechanisms of the strings used in the guitars. With even basic knowledge of strings, it is easy to experience this tool. It is available in the market in different styles and sizes depending on your choice.

Violin :

Violin is one of the most famous tools used for music by musicians. Some experts recommend this tool for beginners to encounter some mistakes and quickly learn it. As we know, it can be a tough job to learn this tool because of skills. To apprehend the basic knack for violin, you need to do hard work and implement different techniques to produce effective sound. However, it can be an expert-level approach but still, learned by some beginners.

Cello :

Have you ever observed orchestral and music groups at parties and other events? They carry some musical instruments to produce charming sounds. Cello is one of those tools used by them and famous because of its extensive use by such music groups. Like the Violin, it can help you find the solution to learn to play an instrument. Often, boys and girls use it for learning purposes. It is available in multiple sizes ranging from a full size of 4/4 to a minimum of 1/16 that is suitable for beginners.

Double Bass :

Double bass like the Violin works based on the plucking of strings connected to the sound. The intensity and type of string determine the tone of the sound produced by the instrument. Most people neglect this tool because of its large size which is not true nowadays. Today, you can find a variety of different sizes ranging from the full size of 4/4 to the minimum size of 1/16 that is specifically designed for children and beginners.
The double bass is available in different styles to suit your requirements and overcome the issue faced by huge size. Like some other tools, orchestral groups use this instrument for the music at the parties.

Final thoughts :

Have you got a quick overview of different instruments for beginners in the music industry? For beginners, it is quite common to interact with blunders and commit them. Apart from that, they don’t have an idea of different types of equipment. Every music tool can not be your choice. You need to go through the features of each tool and select the best one that meets your needs. All of the above-mentioned tools are beneficial to learn to play an instrument.
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