How To Be Creative…3 Best Practices

How To Be Creative

How to be Creative!

Creativity! It is all about finding unique ways of dealing with everyday situations we usually come across. This isn’t something that is completely restricted to the artists who are painters or musicians or some talent which specific individuals are gifted by birth.

It is something which one can boost up. Yes, this is very much possible and if you ever want to boost your inner skills or creativity then some of our tips might be of help-

  • Draw and paint!

Do you remember what you used to do as a kid when you used to get bored?

Some of you might remember just grabbing a notebook and sketching aimlessly. It used to give a sheer joy of creating and sketching. This act of engaging yourself helps boost your inner creativity and fires up all kinds of imaginations in the brain.

  • Engage in some physical activity

Research has indicated that engaging yourself in physical activity helps boost productivity as well as creativity. Exercising helps in the improvement of blood circulation that further improves and strengthens mental clarity.

It helps in the generation of new ideas which helps boost your inner creativity.

  • Involve yourself in the activities you really love

Think about what you really love to do. Is it traveling, reading, swimming, watching movies, singing, recording or painting? Do whatever you like.

List out all the essential things you really love, enjoy, and engage in those activities regularly. It will help in tossing up new ideas, will remove boredom, anxiety, and will help improve creativity.

  • Take up any creative hobby

If possible, take up a creative course like photography or dancing lessons related to art and culture. It will expose you to different cultures and will evolve your thought process over time.

In addition to this, it will also help you uncover your inner strengths. And also while you take up hobby classes, you will be surrounded by people who would be sharing similar goals.

It will therefore further strengthen not only creativity skills by learning in a group but would also improve social interactions.

  • Listen to music

Music has a lot of positive effects especially when you are feeling low, and dull. Listening to music can increase and improve your intelligence over time. And also it will help to keep you calm if you are feeling depressed or anxious.

Research has indicated that music results in positivity and helps boost creative elements of the mind.

  • Brainstorm while you engage in fun or leisure activities

Doing what you love definitely boosts mental clarity. And at the same time brainstorming on ideas will help generate unique ways of handling or solving the situations.

Therefore, brainstorm or think over new ideas as you continue to involve yourself in leisure or fun activities while being away from work.

These are the few basic tips which you can implement in day to day life to help you uncover the hidden creative elements in you. While implementing these, most importantly just remember to have fun while you are at work.

Taking up every task as an adventure will boost your creativity like anything and will let you channelize your energies in the right direction. Creativity is a mindset!


How To Be Creative

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Music Ghostwriter – Hiring or Becoming a Great 1!

Music Ghostwriter

Music Ghostwriter 

Ghostwriting is one of the really interesting concepts because you are doing a lot of work at your end just to create something that you are going to give away at the end. While doing ghostwriting you are essentially putting in a lot of effort and music ghostwriting is no different. 

Normally when someone would hire you as a ghostwriter, the project would be licensed and protected to ensure it is not being utilized by someone else. 

Oftentimes when someone hires you as a ghostwriter, the project is later licensed and then protected. Also since you are legally bound, you are not in a position to share your work anywhere and it simply means that your work is being protected from being exposed. 

So the question is what exactly are the benefits of hiring a Ghostwriter? 

– They will help you save time 

Trust me, hiring a music ghostwriter will help you save time especially when you are bound to involve yourself in several activities. By delegating the task to someone who is really well versed with music writing will help you save a lot of time. While someone writes for your project you can utilize your time for brand building and other activities. 

– It can help you work on your brand awareness quickly 

While you can manage the execution of other important tasks for your project or brand, your ghostwriter can spend time writing the quality content you require. 

– Writing is a profession. You might have the best voice, team and even have the best services but if you cannot communicate to your audience then it is not worth it. Since the music ghostwriters are all the time into writing therefore taking help or assistance can do a lot to up your brand quotient. 

– As you continue to expand your music, you might need music ghostwriting services to the point as you are no longer available to do the writing work all by yourself. 

– As you grow, you can start investing in ghostwriting to help keep up the demands of your fans for the love of music. 

One has to have legitimate skills to be a ghostwriter and must know what they are doing before they start working on music creation. 

Would you trust someone randomly or blindly to hop on your track? No. So if you are planning to hire one, then you must check the portfolio or the collection of their works to finalize the real deal for the services you need. Thankfully, technology has streamlined most of the work today therefore, you can plan to hire or meet talented music ghostwriters online and see their portfolios. 

Today, ghostwriting is an art and therefore, you should choose the one who can connect with your kind of music and can synchronize his/her skills as per your requirements. 

How to become a music ghostwriter? 

If you love writing especially songwriting but don’t have the courage to do it all by yourself right at the stage then you can try your hands writing music for music lovers. Today, having a career as a ghostwriter for singers is not a new thing and you can still give it a shot and be involved in the music industry. 

All you need is to know how to get your creations into the hands of the right people at the right time. If you are planning to try this profile for your career then you can

● Sign up for a membership at various renowned brands that work with songwriters and even ghostwriters. They ensure that rights and royalties are managed authentically and properly. 

● You can prepare a collection of your songs within a certain genre that you are planning to pitch to help choose the musician from the range of collections. 

● If you are planning to sell your songs, you must do it with an approach to protect your creative investment. You should be properly compensated which can even include royalties if the song does well. 

● You can prepare a demo track for your ghostwriting work. Either you can record your songs by yourself or have it done through another singer or musician to perform for you. It will be easier for you to pitch your collection of songs. 

● Keep marketing yourself. Thanks to technology and various social media platforms. There are now several and established ways to market your work. Get your micro-website ready with your collection, sample music, and pictures with contact details. It gives a quick sneak peek to your audience as well as your clients about your creative work. 

● Networking is very important in the music industry so network as much as possible. You can start this by doing it locally at the musical groups, events, or by working with club promoters. The more contacts you have, the more easily you can approach the required individuals who can help you with your project. 

Gone are the days when ghostwriting was confined to book writing or was meant for the novelist. Today, it is everywhere from journals, music writing, websites, and a lot more. There are several music artists looking for writers for their professional conduct. 

Music creation and its execution is not a cake walk after all it takes a lot of effort from numerous people to get the projects going and rolled out. We at Track Garden, are the best recording studio team that can help you with a range of services for your music. Whether you need assistance for recording, mixing and mastering services, production, anything you name and we can help you. 

We feel honored and privileged to help deliver our clients the fascinating and mind boggling tracks. So if you think you have it in you then what are you waiting for? 

Let’s come together and make things exciting as we will continue to grow, learn, and evolve while working with you.


Music Ghostwriter

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Amazing 1-What Does A Music Producer Do?

What Does A Music Producer Do?

What does a music producer do?

Music brings everyone together and puts them through hundreds of evoking emotions. And music production is one of the most exciting works in the modern world. But do you know that a lot of teamwork goes into it to get that perfect beat that sets the mood right?

Many are working behind the scenes to make things really work for you. From recording to marketing many are working hard to make the music come alive.

One of the prominent team members is a music producer responsible for getting it right. So have you ever thought about what exactly a music producer does? What typically defines music producer skills and their work involvement varies from producer to producer and even varies from projects.

Yes that’s right. They are overall responsible for overseeing all aspects of the creation of your track. This even includes the selection of the song, musicians, vocalists, and even the instruments to be played.

For example- the way the director is for the film in a similar manner to the music producer is for a song.

What is a Music Producer?

The music producer is responsible for an end to end development of the track. He is the one who overlooks the development process ensuring that your track is well recorded and is successful. He understands every aspect which is related to the production and oversees every aspect to make it a potential hit.

Becoming a music producer or an entrepreneur can be a fun task and may even start their own label by developing new songs, or find artists, and distribute music.

● Music producers hold the vision behind the tracks of the album. They oversee the creation of the tracks and based on that they will choose the artists and even select the instruments that need to be played.

● They are responsible for understanding every aspect of music production.

● The music producer identifies the right singer or the right person for each responsibility.

● Music producers are often responsible for the distribution of their music to the stores, retailers, and even DJ’s. With many online streaming sites available now, they allow the music producers or the artist to have their songs played.

● With technical precision, music producers can identify if the tones are set right with perfect balance. Even if it is smooth or rough?

These are a few of the basic yet important responsibilities of the music producer.

Just like a movie cannot be created without a director, similarly, music or an album can never be finalized without a music producer. They are the backbone of the music studio, and in fact the entire journey of development from recording, mastering services, and the over distribution.

They are responsible for running the whole show and making it work like a pro.

If you are on the lookout to get direction or guidance from a reliable music producer then you can get in touch with the best recording studio in New Jersey.

Track Garden is your perfect partner when it comes to having your music dreams become a reality. We will help you deal with every perspective of the track and our team will be instrumental to help your track sound perfect and reach the masses. We have skilled professionals with all kinds of professional styles who are capable of helping you be the best version of yourself.

Let’s come together to roll out the amazing, vibrant, and ecstatic music like never before.

What Does A Music Producer Do

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5 Benefits Of Hiring A Great Vocal Producer

Vocal Producer

Benefit of working with a vocal producer:

Technology plays a pivotal role in development of music and continuous innovations have provided new opportunities to deliver exceptional music to music lovers.

As technology continues to evolve, there have been breakthrough achievements resulting in memorable recordings. With the advent of amazing tools, recording and vocal production software, now vocalists have begun to rope in specialists – Vocal producers to help them deliver compelling and breathtaking possible vocals.

Unlike music producers, vocal producers are specialists providing support to the singer to grab the soul of each song. They are there to assist concerning the vocal style that will best fit the song and guidance on how it should be performed.

He/she is the one who truly understands and knows the difference between a great vocal performance in comparison to the one which can be better. Understanding of the notes, harmony, phrasing, and music structure are all part of their skills.

So if you are preparing to have your upcoming track recorded at the professional recording studio then it would be best to have support from an experienced vocal producer. Lets, understand the benefits you can derive from working with a vocal producer-

– They will give you an impartial opinion as they will hear your music from an audience perspective.

It is important to make certain decisions based on how you perform and that also requires impartial feedback from an expert. Since a producer understands the music and the marketplace, therefore, having an expert opinion will surely help you make instrumental changes to how you are progressing with your track.

– They can share numerous music ideas with you.

Having an expert figure to guide you can help you resolve numerous issues you may have. They can help you identify your strengths as well as weaknesses while pushing & motivating you to focus only on your music.

– They can help you give the right direction.

Having guidance from a knowledgeable mentor can help you artistically. If you are working in a band you can have more than one opinion floating in therefore to have a balanced opinion as well as guidance a vocal producer can surely help you.

– As an artist, your job should be to maintain your focus on your music and performance.

It’s the job of the vocal producer to keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry, and consistently anticipate the expected outcomes. Having a vocal producer will not let you get exhausted while you are working on your creative work. They will be available to offload work from your shoulders by keeping all the tasks on track, maintaining schedules, connecting with people for shows, and a lot more.

– They can help you expand your network.

Established producers are well connected in the industry and they can help you connect with the right contacts at the right time.

Hopefully, by now you must be aware of how important a vocal producer is and how their presence can have excellent outcomes in your project. If you are not sure of signing up with one then you can try out a producer on a trial basis and see the progress you can make in your projects. Having unbiased feedback in the form of vocal producers can help keep your tasks on track.

If you are planning to sign up with the best recording studio, to help you with your new project then we can help you. We are a modern recording studio, based out of New Jersey and NYC and offer you a comprehensive set of services to help you with your music.

We are equally tempted to help you deliver the most fascinating tracks through our wide range of services. All you need to do is, let us have the clarity of your requirements and we will always be there to assist you.

So let’s get ready and come together to make the most happening music of the lifetime.

Vocal Producer

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5 Great Tips On How To Get A Record Deal

How To Get A Record Deal

Landing a record deal certainly opens up a lot of avenues for you as an artist but getting signed to any renowned label is more elusive during the present times than it was before. 

So, how to get a record deal, is one question that keeps most of the aspiring new singers, songwriters, rappers, and bands on the hook. Because if you can fetch a good record deal, most of your troubles are over. 

It has become really hard to crack the deal as there are a lot of artists looking for the label’s attention and it won’t be easy until and unless you are well connected. 

Also, presently the record labels are not taking much of a risk, that is the reason why so many artists are stressed and are figuring out how to crack one independently. It is interesting to note that record labels are also always looking for new artists. But it’s important to know when they are actually seeking artists and how to get them to sign up with you? 

Now, it doesn’t mean you should not try, in fact the best part is that you no longer have to wait to get yourself “discovered”. If you really think you have that charisma in you, you can make efforts towards signing while continuing to develop your career on other levels. 

Here we bring you a few basic tips which can be helpful for you to get a record deal. 

– Make efforts towards developing your best album

The music industry has become very competitive now which means you just don’t need to deliver good but the best. You need to work hard and deliver outstanding songs that are professionally recorded, mixed and mastered. For that, you can get in touch with a professional music recording studio as they can render their professional services and help you record your professional track. 

– Learn about the labels who might want to sign you

It is always important to know what you are selling and who is most likely to buy. You can prepare a list of record labels that put out music by artists similar to yours or your band. Find out with whom they have worked in the past and are also currently working with. 

– Build a fan base

Most of the record labels prefer to sign up with artists who are already quite popular and have been able to make a mark in the industry. Increase your social networking presence, be a part of shows, put your composed tracks on social media like Youtube and Soundcloud. More momentum, more excitement, more fanbase, will increase your chances with labels.

– Networking

It is really important who you know in the industry. Be part of the events and shows where you get to network. Building relationships and making connections might land you a record-breaking deal. 

– Find trustworthy and appropriate Label contacts 

Determine whom you will actually be contacting. You can prepare your list and can also search online as some labels are transparent about their demo requirements and submission guidelines. 

These are the few basic tips that can help you in improving your chances to record the deal but there are still other ways that include your commitment, passion, and dedication along with a lot of hard work. 

If you are preparing to get signed by any record label then get ready and record your tracks professionally. At Track Garden, we are here to help you with the best and renowned music of your life. Our premium music recording studio will help you achieve your dreams and will always endeavor to make your recording processes smoother and seamless. So what are you waiting for? Get ready and start preparing hard to get signed for your dream record deal now. 


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How To Get A Record Deal


Stop paying NYC Recording Studio Rates 50-100% Higher

NYC Recording Studio Rates

If you are planning to record your new track then your choice for picking up a studio can be dependent on various factors. For instance- location, technology, and even costs associated with the studio rates. NYC recording studio rates are very high due to increased rents.

Whether you are a solo artist or a band looking to record, you might wonder how much the music studios would cost. However, there is no specific fix answer to it as the costs can vary amongst the studios as they offer a wide range of rates. The bigger question to consider is how can you get a studio which offers reasonable costs yet delivers quality results?

Since there are going to be numerous takes and recordings, you will definitely need a support system where you can derive quality cost-efficiently.

Whether you agree or not, but pricing is one of the major considerations especially when you are new in the industry and are looking up to record your first track. Recording sessions can be expensive, especially based on the location where you are planning to record. For instance recording sessions in NYC are higher than in New Jersey recording studios. In fact, NYC recording studio rates can be double than that of New Jersey.

If you compare New Jersey and NYC then you will notice then NYC has higher real estate prices which leads to higher rents. On the other hand, New Jersey is being considered as an alternative to NYC given its reasonable pricing, excellent transportation system with 24 hours shuttle, and a lot more. New Jersey is being considered as an option due to lower rents offering cheaper life, economical transportation rates and still offering quality life just like NYC.

With a wide range of interstate transportation available, reaching your destination is very cost-effective. With the convenience of path trains, buses can travel within or around the city.

An important point to consider is that most music studios charge based on hourly pricing. In music hotbeds like NYC, Los Angeles this rate can go even higher. So while choosing a studio consider not only the pricing but also the quality.

To help you save with the pricing you can follow a few basic things like-

● Practice, practice, and just practice. Instead of wasting your precious hours in the studio take out time for practicing at home. And when you think that you are ready to perform like a professional then go ahead with your recording plans.

● Recording your tracks at home, then bringing them up at the studio for mixing and mastering.

New Jersey recording studios

If you are looking for quality tracks with amazing yet cost-effective pricing then Track Garden studio is for you. Based in New Jersey with more than a decade of experience, we can help you deliver your dream project cost-effectively. We are conveniently located in Union City, NJ, 1 mile outside the Lincoln Tunnel.

We are proudly associated with amazing talents in the industry and with the world-class technology at our disposal we have been offering excellent opportunities in the industry. Booking with us will never be a tedious process instead you can avail an amazing discount of 15% by booking slots of 12 hours with us.

The best thing about recording at a New Jersey track garden studio is that you will get more exposure and you won’t pay a lot for your studio time.

Give wings to your passions and dreams by choosing the best in class, state-of-the-art technology equipped studio. The best recording studio in New Jersey with experience, commitment, and quality deliverables.

NYC Recording Studio Rates

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Hire A Music Manager – 3 Important Things To Consider

Hire A Music Manger

Hire a music manager!

Do you think you are now ready to take your music career to the next level? If you think that now you have reached that level where you are involved in awesome live shows, and are delivering ecstatic results then it might be just the right time to consider roping in a music manager to your team.

Honestly, the process of finding that perfect new management partner can be slightly confusing
and can involve a little bit of work. So you can just sit, relax, and brainstorm all the different
ways you can work around with your manager to up your game.

Before considering ways, how you can choose to consider a music manager lets understand a
few important things briefly

Do you need a Music Manager?
If you want to hire a music manager , it is important to understand what he/she does and what he/she can bring to the table
even when you are early in your career.

As a musician, you might be juggling a lot of responsibilities, focusing on your career while
trying to stay creative at the same time. In such cases, chasing down the promoters, booking
gigs, and coordinating with PRs can become challenging.

A manager can help you take all of that pressure off by handling the business side of things so
that you can get to focus on being creative.

You can plan to start seeking a music manager when-

– Either there is a lot of workload of managing yourself as an artist and managing is taking away your time from music.

– When you need an expert who is experienced to handle your professional assignments.

Roles and responsibilities of music manager
Roping in a music manager to your team can advance your career in ways you wouldn’t be able
to manage on your own.

A manager can help you open the doors for your band and can help them overcome the
hurdles. They can help you get to the next professional level by helping you in more than one

● Can take care of day to day ongoing activities and business aspects.
● Can help you with more number of shows.
● Can rope in shows for you at prestigious venues.
● Can help book gigs in other cities, countries.
● Can manage your social media presence as well as PR through the teams.
● Can help make connections within the industry.

Hire a music manager when you are READY!
Before you hire a manager who can help you expand your career, you have to prove you are already putting in the work, and just need someone experienced to take you to the next level.
This relationship goes both ways. If you are new in this business and are new to the music world
then you also might not be aware of when you’re being taken advantage of. You should then
spend some time immersed in your own music scene, making connections, building an
audience, and booking your own shows.

Just remember, a music manager will not simply be there to do business-related tasks but also
would be there to help you build on your success.

Finding the right partner for you!

Before you sign up for anything, make sure you as well as your potential manager really gel

Ask yourself, what are your expectations from the manager and what can be delivered. A
newbie in the industry can hurt your career due to the lack of connections. And if you hire a
professional and experienced manager, you need to check if they have the connections that
make sense for your band.

If you are just getting started in the music industry, and you are at the stage where you are
looking for a label then you shouldn’t divert money from doing things like recording or
promoting your music to hire a big money manager. In that case, you may take help from a
friend who can help you manage the music industry. Your friend will be getting valuable
experience and making good contacts so they can move on to other management work in the

If you are planning to record any upcoming new track, then the only spot where you can realize
your dreams are Track Garden– Your reliable best professional recording studio in New Jersey!
No matter which genre you are planning to record, our friendly team will be able to advise and
guide you from start till the finish.

Let’s create magic by coming together and taking this roller coaster ride.

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Hire A Music Manager


1 Great Article About Online Music Marketing

Online Music Marketing

In the 21st-century, marketing is the most vital aspect if you want to make a career in music, it’s even more important than the music itself. Growth in technology has made it easier than ever to make music and people are capitalizing on it big time. Out of every 10 people 1 is a musician nowadays, I just made up that number, but it’s sort of true at least in some demographics, even if the number is 1 in 100 still that’s a lot of musicians and in these, millions of musicians want to make music a career, so every one of those millions wants to be heard. In this situation getting heard becomes far more important than making music.  But still, to make it a career the music at least has to be music, it doesn’t need to be deep or best in class but at least decent, so the best bet is to aim for music you like because if you like it there will be at least a million people who would vibe to it as you do.

What is Fan Engagement?

Fan Engagement is when you or your brand forms a deep-rooted connection with your fans. This is ideal for most artists in order to have a sustainable music career.  Music consumption revolves around Fan engagement, 1. A person listens to your music for the first time, 2. if  he/she likes it they browse through your catalog, research for you on various social media websites, form a bond, 3.  becomes your fan, and listen to your old music and waits for the new one to drop, share your new releases, 4. Repeats 3. Until the bond is strong. Music marketing revolves around all these aspects and it’s necessary to keep all of these things in check.

Approaching 1st-time listeners

  • Pitch to music blogs: you can find various music blogs on the internet, Chose one blog that promotes the music that resembles yours and pitch your music, this is a great way to get discovered by a new audience, who already likes the kind of music you make.
  • Upload videos on YouTube: You can make ‘How I made it’ or ‘How to’ videos on YouTube. You can share your journey with other people describing the process that was involved in the making of your music or you can make how-to videos guiding people on how to do a skill that you already have. For example: How to pitch correct a vocal performance, How to sing/rap like a professional etc.
  • Write Blogs about music: You can share your experiences in blogs, discuss some subjects that you want to share about music, share some tips and tricks, etc.

Bonus: you can also make a Blog X Vlog where you make a vlog on youtube describing your day in the life of a musician and then write about it in your blogs.

Making 1st-time listeners your Fans

  • Have your socials ready: Have all your relevant socials ready, it’s advisable to have as many social media accounts ready as possible, but if this is something that’s too much of a work for you then it’s advisable to pick one of the social media platforms and have that ready. When a person listens to your music for the first time, and if they like it they want to know more about who made it and where they look for your social presence and if it’s appealing now they are even attached to your social platform forming a stronger bond.
  • Have a catalog of cohesive music ready: One song will hardly make a 1st-time listener to a fan. It’s better to have a catalog ready to increase your chances.
  • Be consistent with your work: Be in the clout, Be in the eyes of people. People have many choices to choose from when it comes to music so, it’s important to be consistent with your work.

Final thoughts

Music marketing is the backbone for ‘making it in music’ this is not necessary if you just want to make amazing music and you don’t care if you earn from it or not, but in order to earn from your music you have to market it to get heard, to form a brand so people know who you are, so they offer you a gig and you can be a full-time musician.

Online Music Marketing

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How Much Does It Cost To Record An EP

How Much Does It Cost To Record An EP


To be short and simple in 2020, It takes little to no financial investment to record an Ep, You just need a mic, a laptop or pc, a decent daw, and you are done, ‘money-wise’ I was meticulous when I wrote “no financial investment”

In the 21st century, money is no longer a big factor that decides what you can and can’t do creatively. The situation was different around 30 years back where only a few people with some money in hand could record an Ep, but now if you have $100 and a good enough laptop or Pc you can record an Ep. The one thing there is no escaping is skills. Even though you can make little financial investment to make an Ep, you need to invest a lot of time honing your skills to a level where you can call them professional.

Things Needed to record an Ep

A decent mic that you can get for around 80-100 dollars, a laptop or Pc with at least an i3 and 4gb of ram, and software which allows you to add tracks and record your voice and you are ready to record your Ep. No! It’s not that simple, to record an Ep. 1st you have to be a decent singer or rapper, have good knowledge of how to use the software to record your instruments and voice, knowledge of at least 100 youtube videos discussing all the steps of recording a song, adding layers to your music, mixing, mastering, etc, etc. Or, if you have money, you can take help from some professionals and create a decent song. When it comes to making money from music this can work, but really if you want to make some meaningful music then you have to have at least some knowledge.

Recording an Ep for free

If you are passionate about all the aspects of music that is music production, singing, songwriting, mixing, and mastering. Great! You can go ahead and spend limitless time on honing your skills in all these spheres and if you like all these aspects of music it’s worth it, even though it takes ages to finally get on a level where you can record a professional sounding Ep, it’s worth it. But if you are just a singer or rapper, you can skip learning all this and spend all the time you have in honing your vocals, which is something that’s really advisable if you want to make a career in music. The time you would spend learning how to record, mix and master could be used to improve your voice. So it’s better to Focus on what you like about music and leave the rest to a professional who likes or knows the other aspects of music.

Taking Help from a Recording Studio and how much does it cost?

You can pick and choose different areas where you can take help, but for the ease of understanding, we will take you as a rapper, or Singer who just wants to sing or rap and wants to invest as much time as they can in this particular skill and wants to take help from other professionals in their skills. You can surely be involved in all the processes if you have an interest in them but have decided to focus on your particular favorite field of interest.

Booking a music studio can cost you anywhere from $50 to $500 an hour, usually, with music studios, it is not certain you will get what you paid for, as some studios may be using high-end gear and low-end people. It is advisable to have decent gear but high-end musicians and engineers in-studio to get a great recording. Now recording an Ep depends on how efficient you and the people in the music studio are. You can take a week to record a 5 song Ep or you can take a year to do the same, and accordingly, you will be charged. 

Bonus: It is advisable to have all your ideas ready before entering a studio that allows for better time management, saves you time, and also gives the people in-studio something to play with. However, if you are working with a producer you may need to come up with ideas together in the studio. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Record An EP in New Jersey


Hip Hop Recording Studios

Hip Hop Recording Studios

Professional Recording Studio Setup

Important guide to prepare for a session at any Hip Hop recording studios “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul”- Plato

Music, the universal language of love for mankind! It’s been food for the soul of many and with the rise of the independent studios, now artists have innumerable options to choose from when it comes to getting their music recorded.

This offers artists with a lot of power, but at the same time narrowing down options can become an overwhelming process.

So if you are one of those artists who is looking forward to hip hop recording studios to record an upcoming session for your track, then we have a few important tips which can be readily helpful for you.

If you have worked on your lyrics and beats are complete, the next step you can take forward is to book a professional and reliable hip hop studio to record your track. The buzz of recording is in itself super exciting, but it is advisable to prepare beforehand.

Here’s our guide which can help you prepare for a professional hip hop recording session.

– Planning

Plan before the recording session. It will help you with the last minute changes. It’s a good idea to be clear on exactly what you want to achieve in the session – whether you want to record one song or an entire album. You can work out an initial draft to ensure everything is completed meticulously.

Spare or leave some extra time to avoid discrepancies in case of an emergency. This is since recording for certain sections of vocals can be challenging. Hence, it is advisable to have extra time to smooth out the flaws.

– Before the recording begins, make sure to check the equipment.

Recording of your track will be successful only and only if the instrument being used is polished and is in good condition. Nothing can make a good recording session go wrong like a poorly tuned instrument.

The hip hop recording studio you have shortlisted, be aware of the equipment the studio will hand over to you, because there may not be the same instruments or plug-ins required for the song.

You can plan to export any audio tracks that use specific plug-ins, and carry them with you.

– Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice makes a man perfect. One of the most important aspects when it comes to recording at a professional studio is practicing your tracks.

Knowing every line off by heart and being clear on how you want to make a switch from one part to another will help save time. Have the core structure and style of the song ready, so you don’t have to rework during the session.

The hip hop recording studio you have chosen should be your final step for recording a polished piece. If you prepare a demo in advance it will help you to uncover and iron out major issues before the professional recording.

– Relax and be calm in the studio environment

We understand you must practice numerous times at home before the actual recording but recording in an environment where all eyes are on you can make you anxious.

Leave enough time with yourself so that it is not a nerve-wracking process for you. Learn to relax by making music in the studio. Consider the best times when you can record and be attentive to your needs.

– Choose a reliable and experienced recording studio

When you are planning to book the music studio, be clear with about the start and end times for the session. Provide them with any files or information they may need to complete the recording.

Your choice of the studio should depend upon the music in your mind. This is because a hip hop record will require a very different kind of studio set-up than a rock album.

Best recording studio in New Jersey

If you are aspiring to record one of your tracks and need support from a professional recording studio with a wealth of experience creating hip hop records and state-of-the-art equipment, then Track Garden Studio is the best one to record your hit.

Our Recording Studio is one of the top hip hop recording studios in New Jersey for all of your professional recording needs. We have a professional recording studio set up and our monitoring rooms are designed to achieve the most precise tracks as per your expectations.

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