Hip Hop Song Structure – 101 GREAT

hip hop song structure

Hip Hop Song Structure

Hip Hop song structure 

Structure of a song 

Music has been there for centuries and certain factors have already become standard when preparing a musical piece. And one of the most common in any musical segment is the song structure. 

Structure is a typical way of describing how different pieces of the song would come together and make it complete. A standard song structure involves

Intro|Chorus|Bridge|Final Other parts like “breaks” and “pre-chorus” are widely used in pop and rock. 

– Introduction 

Every song should have an introduction and this part places a few sounds. It lasts no more than 4-8 compasses. 

– Chorus 

It is the most important part of the song where you are actually delivering the message or emotions to the audience. It is the strongest part of the song and can last up to 4 -8 compasses. 

– Bridge 

It does not last more than 8 bars and appears after the second verse and chorus. Its objective is to change the normal song to help the listeners engrossed in listening. It is done to avoid predictability for the visitors. 

Typical structure of Hip Hop song includes 

Introduction |verse|pre-hook/pre-chorus|hook/chorus|bridge|outro 

Here, we bring to you a few Hip Hop Songwriting tips and techniques! 

● Get into the writing mode 

Take some time, relax and get into the writing mode. So it is important to keep yourself a little free and focus on writing peacefully. 

● Choosing the beat of your song should not take much time. The simplest way to do this is by imagining the environment of the song where it needs to be played. 

● Identify the chorus 

While writing the hip hop song structure, it is important to identify the chorus. Beats makers are usually aware of the song structure length and based on that they program the expected chorus into the beats. 

● Once you are done with the chorus, continue with the preparation of the rhyming scheme for the first two bars of each verse. This means we need to have a smooth transition between the tension release of the chorus. 

● Finish verse 1- Once you are clear of where the chorus is placed, you have then the reference track of flows. Post this you can work on verse 1. 

● Complete the Bridge, outro, and extra parts (if required) 

After you have completed verse 1 and chorus, you can prepare to write the third and fourth sections which will appear before verse 2. To implement and fix this, write the bridge or outro. 

● Complete Verse 2 

Once, first verse, chorus, and bridge are completed, all you need to do is fill the verse 2. 

● Get ready to record your song 

Now that your song is completed, you can start working on a recording of the whole track. Depending upon your prior experience in writing and singing, it may take 2 hours or more to complete the process. This does not include mixing and mastering. Also, if you are new in the recording studio, you may need more time to get comfortable in the vocal booth and the recording process. A good engineer will help guide you and make the process much easier. 

Benefits of having song structure 

– Helps to maintain balance in the song. 

– Helps the listener to remember the melodies, track, choruses, and other elements. 

– Keeps the listener engrosses. 

Hip hop music, has been with us for more than 2 decades. Once you can understand the basic format then you will be able to drive it as per your artistic vision. 

One of the best reasons for its popularity is that rules to design it are open-ended, flexible, and allows a lot of creativity. So what are you waiting for? Start practicing and help the world discover your hidden gems.

Hip Hop Song Structure

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