How To Be Creative…3 Best Practices

how to be creative

How To Be Creative

How to be Creative!

Creativity! It is all about finding unique ways of dealing with everyday situations we usually come across. This isn’t something that is completely restricted to the artists who are painters or musicians or some talent which specific individuals are gifted by birth.

It is something which one can boost up. Yes, this is very much possible and if you ever want to boost your inner skills or creativity then some of our tips might be of help-

  • Draw and paint!

Do you remember what you used to do as a kid when you used to get bored?

Some of you might remember just grabbing a notebook and sketching aimlessly. It used to give a sheer joy of creating and sketching. This act of engaging yourself helps boost your inner creativity and fires up all kinds of imaginations in the brain.

  • Engage in some physical activity

Research has indicated that engaging yourself in physical activity helps boost productivity as well as creativity. Exercising helps in the improvement of blood circulation that further improves and strengthens mental clarity.

It helps in the generation of new ideas which helps boost your inner creativity.

  • Involve yourself in the activities you really love

Think about what you really love to do. Is it traveling, reading, swimming, watching movies, singing, recording or painting? Do whatever you like.

List out all the essential things you really love, enjoy, and engage in those activities regularly. It will help in tossing up new ideas, will remove boredom, anxiety, and will help improve creativity.

  • Take up any creative hobby

If possible, take up a creative course like photography or dancing lessons related to art and culture. It will expose you to different cultures and will evolve your thought process over time.

In addition to this, it will also help you uncover your inner strengths. And also while you take up hobby classes, you will be surrounded by people who would be sharing similar goals.

It will therefore further strengthen not only creativity skills by learning in a group but would also improve social interactions.

  • Listen to music

Music has a lot of positive effects especially when you are feeling low, and dull. Listening to music can increase and improve your intelligence over time. And also it will help to keep you calm if you are feeling depressed or anxious.

Research has indicated that music results in positivity and helps boost creative elements of the mind.

  • Brainstorm while you engage in fun or leisure activities

Doing what you love definitely boosts mental clarity. And at the same time brainstorming on ideas will help generate unique ways of handling or solving the situations.

Therefore, brainstorm or think over new ideas as you continue to involve yourself in leisure or fun activities while being away from work.

These are the few basic tips which you can implement in day to day life to help you uncover the hidden creative elements in you. While implementing these, most importantly just remember to have fun while you are at work.

Taking up every task as an adventure will boost your creativity like anything and will let you channelize your energies in the right direction. Creativity is a mindset!


How To Be Creative

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