How to promote music on Instagram? Top 5 tips

how to promote music on Instagram

Want to know how to promote music on Instagram? Do you use Instagram regularly? Have you installed the Android app for Instagram? Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks that connect people. From the business aspect, all social media networks are a great way to expand your business and make it reach billions of people. As there are limited social sites, we can use Instagram to promote our music. If you have great vocals but not many followers, you must try some great tricks to get organic fans.
The music industry is a little bit complicated and tough to compete with due to heavy competition. You must have some essential techniques to access the millions of people. Most beginners don’t know how they can promote their music. However, in this article, we will highlight how to promote music on Instagram and gain organic followers.
how to promote music on Instagram

Post content on Instagram stories:

Have you ever heard of Instagram stories? If you are a regular content creator or Instagram user, you must know this part. Instagram offers its users like Facebook to post the stories and let the people know about you. If you have recorded a great music video, it can be hot to post on your stories.
With better engagement for your stories, it is possible to get recommended to other people as well. I see many stories and posts in the suggested section on my Instagram. Do you know where from they come even I don’t follow them? It is due to an Instagram algorithm based on people’s interest to give an excellent experience to people.

Instagram TV:

Instagram TV or IGTV is another option for your music to get started with your promotion. On Instagram TV, you can upload your music videos and let people watch them. You can assume it like the channels on Youtube or video section on Facebook for better understanding. Most musicians apply this great technique to reach more people and get more fans.

Write Great Bio:

Do you use Facebook or other social media networks? All networks allow you to add your bio and get recommended in other sections. Have you ever tried it on Instagram? The Instagram algorithm suggests people based on interests. Music lovers will most likely get a recommendation for following the musicians.
Getting followed by music lovers is necessary when you want to build a reputation. With a strong bio and relevant data, there will be maximum chances for getting organic followers and free promotion of your content on Instagram.

Live Streaming:

Do you have followers on your Instagram account? If yes, are you properly connected with them? At the start, you have to do struggle and make more followers. For this purpose, you need to try every possible method. Live Streaming like on Facebook and Youtube, can be a great choice to engage more people. Celebrities always try this method to get more fans on their Instagram account.
People love to ask questions and be on live videos with their celebrities. It will build trust and let you know their interests. With the more powerful way, you can get free promotion for your content. Music videos promoted in this way have great engagement.

Run Ads campaigns:

When you want a promotion, there are two possible ways. All the above-discussed methods are part of free promotion. When you find the answer to your question of how to promote music on Instagram, you have to go through paid ads as well. Ads campaigns are a quick way to invest and get rewarded for your money.
Instagram offers paid ads to promote your music. It will reach more people and get engagement depending on your budget, location, and ad setup. Beginners try this way to promote their music and get more followers. With optimized ads, you have full control of all the aspects of your campaign.

Final Words:

Have you got answered your question of how to promote music on Instagram? Instagram is a powerful way to promote like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. You have to invest some bucks when you want to promote your music. Before setting up your ad campaigns, you must know things to start with. In case of improper setup, it can be difficult to reach more people and get targeted results.
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