How to record vocals? Guide 2021

how to record vocals

Want some guidance on how to record vocals? It can be a huge problem when you are a beginner. When you get used to it, it is nothing more than standing in front of the mic and singing. Great vocals can be god-gifted and compel the listeners to listen to the whole song. As we know, everyone doesn’t have a great voice. For better vocals, you have to learn different techniques and release your first album. The music industry is highly saturated due to numerous people trying to learn singing skills.
Apart from focusing on your voice, you must have proper recording apparatus and team. A great team can play a great role to mix the tone with the vocals and decide the time to release it. In this article, we will highlight step-by-step instructions on how to record vocals. Moreover, you will understand different phases of vocalization as well.
how to record vocals

What is vocal recording?

All types of voice recording including advertisement voice-overs or songs, fall under the category of vocal recording. But, in the music industry, the most common form is singing that is considered. Let’s move forward to our main topic of how to record vocals.

How to record vocals?

Here is a guide to record your first song.

Prepare yourself :

Recording your first song can be frustrating when you don’t know what to do and how things work. Be confident about the fact that you can sing better than others. Any type of confusion can lead to the ineffective recording of your vocals. Self-confidence is the first thing that matters when you are trying to sing. So, do some physical exercise to keep your muscles active and practice before actual recording. It will boost your inner peace and let you believe in yourself.

Set up your equipment:

There are multiple pieces of equipment needed if you are at the home. Especially in this season of coronaviruses, you have to record your vocals being at the home. While in other cases, you can hire a recording studio such as Track Garden Studio in the United States. However, either being at the home or in the recording studio, the second step is to set up your pieces of equipment and gather microphones.

Choose a suitable microphone :

Microphone has different types that determine the voice and other parameters necessary for the recording. You have to be aware of the perfect microphone for your voice. Usually, Neumann Brand produces high-quality condenser microphones and other relevant types. So, before moving forward to the recording session, make sure your recording microphone is exactly what you are looking for.

Use accurate recording techniques:

Apart from setting up all the pieces of equipment, you have to apply different recording techniques for this purpose. Be at the right distance from your microphone to prevent any case of noise. Choosing the right room to avoid interruptions from noise and other problems can be a great way to get your vocals recorded. Most beginners make slight mistakes in choosing the right system for their recording apparatus that leads to vocal recording with interrupted sounds. You have to choose the apparatus that is free from the flaws.

Record your first song :

This step can be the final step in our recording tutorial of how to record vocals. But, you can take it as a rehearsal if you want to check your voice as well. Implement your vocalization techniques to produce an excellent voice from your vocal cords. Once you have recorded your first song, ask the others to give feedback. If you find that your voice is mesmerizing and will engage more people, it is great otherwise, give it another try with different techniques.

Final Thoughts :

I hope you got the guide on how to record vocals. A quick overview of the whole can help you demonstrate the way to record your first sound. Especially when you are new and don’t know the ways to do it, hiring a recording studio can be effective. A recording studio contains a professional system for recording and mixing your songs.
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