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Technology has made audio recordings of all types possible from within the comforts of your home. However, a Jersey City recording studio like Track Garden Studio offers numerous advantages that keep them relevant and in high demand even today.

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Technology has made audio recordings of all types possible from within the comforts of your home studio. However, the best recording studios offer numerous advantages that keep them relevant and in high demand even today.

A professional recording studio comes with top-notch gear and equipment, a range of professional technicians and consultants who have the exclusive expertise and experience of audio recordings.  It also boasts a client list who found the studio environment comfortable, a great experience, and a place where they could do their best work.

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What Your Jersey City Recording Studio Has to Offer

While recording studios offer several key benefits on paper, not every studio out there will be able to fulfill top-level requirements.

To fully reap the rewards of using a recording studio for your craft, it is important that you choose a  studio built with attention to detail, design, and user experience.

Here we take a look at the factors that set the better studios apart from the rest:

Studio Layout

  • Space: Many recording studios are set up in cramped quarters with the construction often not suited for audio recording. A quality studio will pay attention to the tiniest details of its space as it plays a key role in the acoustics. Good Jersey City recording studios offer a functional room for different functions for optimal results. They will offer a large space that can accommodate multiple musicians and a plethora of equipment
  • Inclusion of typical rooms found in a recording studio: You want to choose a recording studio that is designed to effectively cater to all the various recording requirements of artists. This means you want to make sure that the studio has a ”live room” to capture the performance of instrumentalists as they perform; it has isolation booths to record vocal performances or the quiet instrumental performances; it features a control room where the technicians work together to fine-tune the audio recording for best results, and there is a machine room housing all the noisy equipment to prevent it from interfering in the quality of the audio being recorded. Importantly, the layout of good studios will have a seamless flow, helping create the ”vibe” artists typically find conducive to an inspired performance.
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A good recording studio has to have its entire design centered around delivering the best acoustics possible.

  • Audio-optimizing features: Good studios will invest heavily in incorporating several audio-optimizing elements within their design. Choosing tiles or hardwood floors as opposed to carpets, they don’t absorb the low frequencies well, adds to the sound quality of audio in the room. Additionally, many studios might provide area rugs for drum kits to get the best results. Professional studios will use acoustic absorption panels on walls and incorporate bass traps, which they will then balance out by using diffusers to scatter sound reflections.  Studios like Track Garden Studio also use modern technology to make the best sound.  Track Garden studio uses a digital audio workstation as its main monitor system and studio monitors all controlled by expert sound engineers.
  • Soundproofing: To get high-quality audio recordings, all other types of “noise” need to be canceled. Quality recording studios make special efforts to soundproof their studio as effectively as possible. They may use specific types of drywall, which offer superior isolation characteristics. Many professionals will also use acoustic treatments at sensitive spots such as behind the performer where the mic picks up every sound. Great sounding rooms make great recordings!
  • Professional Installation: Professional studios will know the value of audio to their business and will accordingly have most likely engaged the services of professional installers in the setting up of their studio to make sure no corners are cut, which could potentially hurt the acoustics of their place.


Good studios won’t just provide wide-ranging professional and modern equipment. They will be committed to providing you with the best gear in the music industry and any additional gear you specifically need.   Cheap recording studios scrimp on the gear they offer.  Track Garden Studio offers the gear you need and offers a professional commitment to help you achieve your objective at all costs.

So, if you need a quality audio recording done and are looking for a professional recording studio, then make sure to look at the aforementioned factors to make sure you choose a good place to do your piece, one which helps you fully reap the rewards of using a music studio for your work.

Track Garden Studio is one of the best Jersey City recording studios.  We have satisified clients through Jersey and New York City and look forward to working with you soon.

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