How to Publish Music on Spotify? Complete guide Tips, Tricks

publish music on spotify

Want to publish music on Spotify? Today’s world is full of illusions in which people like to listen to music to get entertainment. A whole day of tiredness makes us develop keen interests in entertainment. The mode of entertainment depends on what you love. I mean, you love which type of music. For example, funny songs, sad songs, etc. These kinds are things are quite essential to understand when you are a music artist as well. You need to know what exactly people love and what you need to publish. Nowadays, the music industry has high competition because everyone is thinking about learning some skills and publish the music. This produces a huge competition among the singers and leads to the survival of only quality singers. In this article, we will have a look at how to publish music on Spotify. publish music on spotify

What are the different modes to publish music?

If you are a beginner musician, don’t try to publish your music unless you know how it works and the methods to do so. There are hundreds of platforms out there where you can create your channels and upload your music videos. Is it so simple? Yes, but you need to do effective promotion if you want to engage people. Let me list some good resources where you can upload your music videos.
  • Spotify
  • iTunes
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
These are self-publishing music sites where you can get recognition and let people know more about you.

What is Spotify?

Can you answer the question? Maybe yes, if you are an active user of Spotify and listen to every upcoming song. Spotify is a music streaming platform where you can publish your music videos and let people watch them. For this purpose, you get paid for your music.

Can you make money from Spotify?

Yes, you can make money by publishing music videos on Spotify. In actuality, here is the way through which you make money.
  • People get advertisements during the listening sessions or go for paid options to use without ads
  • Money from the advertisement or premium options comes to Spotify.
  • Just like that, you get some bucks for the music videos you uploaded.
If you don’t understand what exactly it means, consider it like a youtube channel where you get paid for publishing the music videos through ads.

How to publish music on Spotify?

If you are an independent creator, it can be problematic because Spotify doesn’t allow unless you publish your music through Digital Service Provider. To publish music on Spotify, you need to do this by connecting with DPS. Maybe some charge you few bucks but you get royalties from the total earnings. Here are some digital service providers who can distribute the music on different platforms.
  • TuneCore
  • Believe Digital
  • Awal
  • Landr
Maybe there can be others as well that can help you publish music on Spotify.

Step to Follow:

To publish your music videos through DPS on Spotify, you need to interpret the following steps.
  • Sign up to the digital service provider and follow the instructions to publish your music.
  • Upload your music videos and select the covert arts
  • Add the contributors to whom you want to give credits.
  • Digital Service Providers will publish your music on Spotify once they approve the music on their platforms.
This is how exactly you can publish your music.

Does the Digital Service Providers cost?

Digital service providers are companies that publish your music. You can consider it a third-party agent through you get your music on Spotify. TuneCore’s charges you $29.99 per month. Similarly, others cost you differently and give you royalties from the earnings of your music albums.

Final Words:

How is your experience on Spotify? Maybe you love it. Over 100 million are active on Spotify listening to their music and getting entertainment from this source. If you are a musician, the above process can help you in the exact method to publish your music on Spotify.
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