What is ep vs album? Top differences

ep vs album

Do you want to compare ep vs album? Do you know both of these strategies for your music release? Beginner musicians remain confused about what to release, how to release, and in which pattern they should release. As the music industry is quite saturated, it becomes essential to have a look at the competitors and determine what they are releasing and how they are releasing their music. You should manage your task in the beginning. Getting a reputation among the people is a major problem for beginners.
A simple mistake in your music release can lead to flop music and no engagement from the people. In actuality, people want something interesting that must entertain them and be available to them at that time. Not only vocals matter but also time for release, and strategy for it matters. So, in this article, we will highlight ep vs album and which one is considered to be better for you.
ep vs album

What is ep vs album?

Do you know both terms? How will you define ep vs album? Both of these are categories for music release but the timing for each is different. Have you ever heard of a single? Single refers to the release of a single song. Keeping in mind the concept of a single, we can easily define both of these terminologies.
An ep is an abbreviated form of extended play. It refers to the collection of four to six songs that consists of 30 minutes of music from the musicians. If you release music that consists of either 20 to 30 minutes or contains 4 to 6 songs, will be categorized under the ep.
Album is bigger than ep compared to the duration and number of songs. Random tracks from the same musicians having more than six songs or above 30 minutes music videos are considered to be the album.

Difference between ep and album:

Beginners don’t know these aspects of music when they are just at the start of their music career. It becomes necessary to understand these strategies of music and release them at the corresponding time.


Specifying the difference between ep vs album, we can compare them at the duration of the music.
Ep is greater than a single but less than an album. With four to six songs, you can release your ep that must have a music duration of below 30 minutes.
The album is greater than an ep and consists of 7 to 20 songs that assume to be 35 minutes to 60 minutes of music.

Type of tracks:

Track types can also be the difference between ep and album. Tracks can be the different or same depending on the musicians. However, let’s have a look at the types of tracks for both ep vs album.
Ep consists of relevant tracks that are connected through a string. You can’t regard them as an entirely different music video. All the music videos are connected to some extent.
Album consists of music clips consisting of entirely different music tracks. Random tracks might not be connected in any way.

Time of music release:

It depends on how many followers you have. A high number of followers can watch your music videos and increase engagement. Do you want to know which one is better between ep and album? Depending on the number of fans and other relevant aspects, we can differentiate both types and compare ep vs album.
When you are at the start of your career and have low investments, you can start with extended play and get more followers. There will be more engagement with such a case and more people will become your followers.
With thousands or millions of followers, the album will perform better. A mix of random tracks will let your followers enjoy it and become die-hard fans.

Final Words:

Have you reviewed the whole article of ep vs album? Beginners need to analyze the different aspects of music and plan how to release their first music video. Without an effective strategy, it becomes difficult to gain more fans and increase the visibility of your music. Being a musician, your ultimate goal is to enhance your relationship with the followers. Apart from getting better at music, you need to have a strategy. At the right time with the right music videos strategy, you can achieve this goal within weeks or months.
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